Sunday, January 13, 2013

knitting a sock

When Rebecca and I were in the ferry on our way to Tallinn then she was knitting a sock. It looked so pretty and that made me want to knit a pair too. So, I bought knitting tools and on our way back to Helsinki we were both knitting and talking. These two hours went to fast!
Now in Finland I have been continuing my sock. I didn't remember how to knit a heel parts, but I found very good videos on youtube and I got it done :) I only have to finish the toe part and then my sock is ready! I only have one barn of yarn with me and it was enough only to make one sock. I might be going to the yarn shop tomorrow here in Hyvinkää to buy more yarn. I will just start with a new pair of socks and hopefully in Estonia I'll find the yarn that matches my first sock!

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