Sunday, January 27, 2013

mixed feelings

I arrived back home few hours ago. When I was leaving Jay and Finland I left so weird. I was excited to get home and to start university again, but I didn't want to leave without Jay. And when I arrived home I realized how empty I feel without him. It's nice to be at home, but not without him. Our apartment seems so empty and I really really miss Jay. It's true what they say - home is where your heart is! My heart is always with Jay and I really feel so good with him anywhere we are. Good thing is that he's coming home on Saturday morning already! So I don't have to be sad very long. I hope university keeps me busy this week! I cannot wait to have a nice weekend with Jay :) I am waiting him home :)
When Jay was at work yesterday I finished knitting my second sock of the second pair. When I got them ready I put them on, watched figure skating and started knitting a new pair of socks - this time for Jay :) I just want to try to knit a bigger socks. I choose dark gray color for him. 
I had a delicious wrap for dinner, from Deli Express. I bought it when I arrived to Tallinn. Now I am going to have an apple for snack and then I will take a hot shower and watch one of my favorite tv shows.

 Watching figure skating end ejoying my new socks :)
Knitting a sock for Jay :)
Delicious wrap for dinner :)

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