Monday, March 21, 2011

sweeeet :)

Sweeet. Life's sweeet! I am so excited about Ireland trip!
And oh, university is over. I have a week break now! Yay! I went to Dub FX concert with Johannes, Jaana and Sandra on Friday. Gosh, it was so awesome! We had lots of fun AND i even got to touch DUB FX's hand ;)
The concert ended abt 1.30am and then we had to stay in a line to get our jackets. Finally at 2am we got out. We walked to my uni and then we took a taxi. J and i stayed at my granny's apartment. She wasn't home the whole weekend. On Saturday we went to the movies and out for lunch. We had such a good time together! It was really good to just be together and relax. No school or work. No rushing. Just enjoying the time we spend together :) I got my birthday gift from J already. He's in Germany at my birthday so he gave the gift earlier. It's the BEST gift ever! Seriously, i love it. Mostly coz it was from J! And just the thought that he wanted to make me so sweet gift, brings the smile on my face! He's an angel:) So, what did i get?
I got this:

My dream cellphone (L)

On Sunday we slept soo long (actually J did). Then we caught a train and came to Kohila. Had a nice dinner and went to the sauna at night.

J had to go to work today, but he'll come here later. I am doing some uni stuff :P


Wednesday, March 16, 2011

happy-happy-happy =D

Oh, i don't know where do begin. Well, my 21st birthday is coming up soon. I already know what i am getting from mom and dad. I'll get a trip to Ireland. My older sis is going to visit her husband and so me and my younger sis will go, too. Super nice present from mom and dad :) I cannot wait. BUT what makes it all even greater is that Johannes is coming too. I still cannot believe it. But came up he has a week off from work the exact week. And yesterday he quickly bought a ticket to the same flight too! I am SO SO SO SO HAPPY! It'll be the best vacation ever!!!!!
Anyway, we are leaving on 24th March and will come back on 31st March. So, we'll be away exactly a week. I so need to rest and relax and just enjoy the freedom.
What makes me sad a bit is that Johannes is going to Germany on 2nd April...for a week. It means he won't be here on my 21st birthday :(
But that's okay. At least we can be together the whole week in Ireland. And we can celebrate my birthday whenever he's back from Germany :):)
But yeah. I can't wait till tomorrow is over. I have one hard exam.
On Friday i am going to the hair dresser and at night i am going to Dub FX's concert. Johannes got me a free ticket :) He really likes Dub FX and we planned to go to the concert together, but now came up he must work at that night. But he still wants me to go. I quite like Dub FX. He's from AU ;) Pretty cool guy :D haha.

On Friday night i am going to my granny's (she's not home tho). And later at night J will go there too :) And we'll spend the whole Saturday together in Tallinn. We havent been to the movies and out for dinner for so long. I hope it'll be a beautiful day :)

Don't forget that i need a lot of luck for tomorrow's test! Thanks :):)

PS! The weather is so nice. Very sunnnnnnyyy :) It makes me even more happier! :)

Saturday, March 12, 2011

Midnight cooking :)

It's midnight and i am cooking late dinner for J. He called me and told he's coming in an hour. He haven't eaten the whole day so i decided to cook him. I am making macaroni with tuna! I hope he likes it :):)
I was on the bed listening to HaAsh, talking to my friends on msn and doing a school art work, when J called me. He asked if i have chocolate. I was like: YES! Please tell me you want it! (because i have eaten it so much and i decided to keep all the other chocolate for him!). And thanfully he told he was creaving for chocolate! He'll get it all when he gets home!
I am so happy. Not because J wants my chocolate. Haha! I just feel that spring is coming. And you know what i miss? I miss riding a bike. Random, huh? I can't wait till snow melts and i can ride my bike or jog. I did a little joga. Whenever spring is coming i always want to be more active and healthier. I try to avoid eating too much chocolate. World has so many other yummie sweet treats for us too :):)

HaAsh's music always makes me happy! I remember when i first discovered these sisters. It was spring time and i listened to thier music so much! So, it always reminds me of these good old times :)


Okay, it's nasty, but do i really smell that bad smell i wish i didn't smell. :O (haha). Please, tell me my cat hasn't left me a brown gift on my flooorrr! PLEASE!

(going to check!)


OH! To my BIG (reliving) surprise, it was the smell of butter popcorn that my sis and her friend were making. Nice. Now i can go to bed :)

:O It's Saturday!

The whole day i have had a feeling like it was a Sunday. So, you can imagine my surprise AND happiness when i figured out it's Saturday! Whoe! I have managed to done some of the school stuff today..but not all. J went to work by 2pm and after that i've been studying(and just surfing on the net:P). Oh, i also made a sin. I ate chocolate. A lot of chocolate. Actually i think i have only half of the three huge chocolates that J gave me. I just love chocolate so much and i can't stop eating it. But honestly, right now i feel like i want something fresh.. fruits and stuff!!!! I ate muesli with banana today! Delicious! Seriously, i can't understand whym but i so love muesli. I eat it EVERY morning and i'm still not sick of it yet! Wow, huh?:D
Anyway, J is coming tonight very late. I suppose i am going to bed and won't wait for him. But who knows. Tomorrow i am planning to bake a little. Hm, what else.
Oh, it's official now that i'm going to Ireland :) So, i'll be gone from 24th March till 31th. I'm sure i'll be super fun trip with my sisters! The best birthday gift from my parents!

I got a little surprise from Elisa yesterday. I finally got the pack she sent me for Valetnine's Day. It took somehow so long to arrive here. Anyway, yesterday i got it. Besides a loving and such a sweet letter i also got lip palm. It smells so good! I like that it's natural! And it doesn't make my lips burn (most of lipsticks make my lips feel like they are burning:/). So, i am extra happy for that sweet gift!=)

I want an apple.. just like that!

Wednesday, March 9, 2011


The best one!

After blogging yesterday i turned my laptop off. And J called me then. He said he was coming here:) It made my day! Oh, and he surprised me with three absolutely DELICIOUS chocolates!!!!! It was so good to be with him! Oh, after he called and told he was coming, i decided to make chocolate muffins for him:D It was pretty fun baking after midnight!
Today morning i had such a yummie breakfast! A sandwich, a chocolate muffin and LOT of chocolate:):):):):):):):):):):):)

S. :)

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Women's Day and Shrove Tuesday :)

I am so tired after this long day! But i totally enjoyed it. Classes were fine. We skipped one class though to help Liis with her stuff. She was moving back to her aunt's place.
So, after all the classes were finished, we went to have a dinner at Lido's. Yumyum. After chatting and joking i went to the dance class and others went Liis's place to continue this celebration :D
Dancing class was so fun. But i was a bit tired. After the class i had to catch a train back home. I was like a camel. I had so many bags and other stuff. And a flower =) Our only guy in the class was so cute and gave a tulip to all the girls :):) That was really nice of him! So anyway, like i said i was like a camel. And my feet hurt :/ But now im at home and i can go to bed soon :)
Only sad thing about this day is that i won't see J today. But i truly hope i can see him tomorrow and celebrate Shrove Tuesday. I even didn't eat any Shrove Tuesday Buns :/ But tomorrow i will :)

I'm off now. Night!

Monday, March 7, 2011


Have i ever mentioned that i am in love? Or that i have the best boyfriend in the whole world? Or that he makes me happy! He's my sun!:) I hope he knows how deeply i care of him, how much he means to me and how much i LOVE him with all my heart!

Just remember that:

J, don't forget that...


Neeeed one :D:D
i've never felt worse :'(


Whenever i am happy, it doesn't last. J just told me he has to go to Finland today:/ So much about seeing him. I basically saw him only last night and today morning. He'll come back tomorrow, but so late that i still can't see him. And on Wednesday he works again. When will i ever get to actually BE with him??? It makes me so sad :( I know it's not his fault and i am not blaming him. Not at all. But i just hate this situation. But i gotta be strong. I better concentrate on my studies and wait for him, again... Hopefully i can see and be with him soon again :) Love him with the bottom of my heart!

I gotta remember that:


I am so happy J is back (:


Wow! I found something incredible!
I was looking for some delicious chocolate pictures when i found this:
These are the hotchocspoons! I so want to have one! All you have to do is to put this chocspoon into the hot milk and you'll get a delcious chocolate drink! Ohhhh, i want it sooo bad!!!
I remember when i went to Belgium i saw there similar hotchocspoons, but i didn't buy. I regret! haha. I wonder if we have them in Estonia? I have never seen though:/
Well, another thing to my "I WANT" list. lol.

Sunday, March 6, 2011


Delicious! I WANT!

Maiasmokk nagu ma olen :)


Saturday, March 5, 2011


I'll never ever say anything till its 100%. I hate if i hope and wait and then bam everything changes. I have actually always thought that there's no reason to be so happy over something until you are sure it's happening, like 100% sure. Today when J told me he's coming i was soooo happy. And for a brief moment i was thinking what if he didn't come after all. I knew i shouldn't have been so sure abt his coming. But i had been waiting him for sooo long and if he told he's coming i didn't want to doubt. But now he texted me he can't come today. I know it's not his fault or anything, but it still hurts and sucks! ahhhhh, hate it! What am i gonna do the whole day today? Yesterday i watched all my fav tv shows, i studied and today i didn't go to my aunt's birthday with my parents coz i thought J is coming home =/ Sucks big time!


I had pretty relaxing day yesterday. I got almost all my hw done (the one that i planned for this weekend). And i also watched my fav tv shows (Hellcats, Gossip Girl, Pretty Little Liars). Sooo interesting. Of course i was waiting J again.. But he didn't come to the net. In the morning i texted him and asked when he's coming back. He said TODAY! That made my dayyyy!!!!!=) I cannot wait to see him!!!!!!!!
I had muesli with milk for breakfast(my fav!). I think i'll make chocolate muffins later and also pasta. J is definitely hungry when he gets home:)
My sis got ill last night, so i'll take care of her today while mom and dad are at my aunt's bday.
Good news! Dad bought my fav chocolate cookies from Finland. Yay! Yummiiee=)

Okiedokie. I am going to eat.. cookies!


Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today morning i dreamed how awesome it would be if the day was over already. And now i am at home. It's 11pm. So, the day is over. And i survived it. Teacher canceled PE's test. Great! Why the hell i was studying yesterday? But whatever. Dance class was very cool. I just love the dance we are learning! I had today so much energy and i felt great dancing this routine.
I am so happy that it's Thursday night. It means i have no school tomorrow. And then comes weekend. And then Monday that i have also off :) 4-days weekend! Lovely!
I cannot wait to see J! I miss him very very much!!!

I want to study as much as possible tomorrow. I also want to make muffins (but not tomorrow, coz i think J is coming on Saturday. So, i'll bake on Saturday).
I am so hungry. I'm craving for pasta! Oh Yeah! I'll definitely make some good pasta tomorrow!!!!! And i want omlet! Haha. I will make that too! I want chocolate with peanuts too. (don't know how to make that!Lol).
Well, it's too late and i am not going to eat anything right now. So i should stop thinking abt food :D I'm gonna change and watch Hellcats from my lappy on my bed. Cozy!


O'boy i want this!!!!

Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Bad bad me!

I know i know i knoww i should be (still) studying for PE test, but i can't. How could i if my friends are distracting me? huh?! :D haha. Actually i am laughing sooo hard. And screw this test! (okay, i don't really mean it). But i am just so tired of studying and remembereing things that seem not very important (right now). I know i should be better student. Okay, enough of writing, laughing and talking. I'll study a bit more and then i'll watch Pretty Little Liars.
I am still hoping to talk to J tonight (tho it's already 10:55pm and i can't stay up too long coz i have to wake up quite early tomorrow:S). I miss him like crazy :(

cannot concentrate :S

I should be studying for tomorrow's PE test. But i just can't concentrate. I am not very motivated either. I've got so much to do. And J told me he has to work this weekend which doesn't make me feel better at all:/
I started a 30 days photo challange the other day on fb. It means i must post every day one photo of a certain theme(memory, ppl, night ect.) Since i am so busy i noticed i hadn't posted last 3 days photos. So i did right now. I want to post every photo of me and J. Maybe it's coz i miss him, or maybe it's coz he's such a big part of my life now. Anyway, it seems to me that all the greatest things have happened when i have been with him! But i try to think more back to the past too.. of the time i didn't know him yet. So, probably i can still post some photos of my friends or other ppl who i have shared some awesome memories with, too :):)
Okiedokie, I must STUDY now! O'boy, i can't wait till weekend. I am still hoping i can see J even just for a minute (make it an hour!). Well, i better go and study. For real this time. I don't want to regret tomorrow! Haha!



Tuesday, March 1, 2011