Thursday, March 3, 2011


Today morning i dreamed how awesome it would be if the day was over already. And now i am at home. It's 11pm. So, the day is over. And i survived it. Teacher canceled PE's test. Great! Why the hell i was studying yesterday? But whatever. Dance class was very cool. I just love the dance we are learning! I had today so much energy and i felt great dancing this routine.
I am so happy that it's Thursday night. It means i have no school tomorrow. And then comes weekend. And then Monday that i have also off :) 4-days weekend! Lovely!
I cannot wait to see J! I miss him very very much!!!

I want to study as much as possible tomorrow. I also want to make muffins (but not tomorrow, coz i think J is coming on Saturday. So, i'll bake on Saturday).
I am so hungry. I'm craving for pasta! Oh Yeah! I'll definitely make some good pasta tomorrow!!!!! And i want omlet! Haha. I will make that too! I want chocolate with peanuts too. (don't know how to make that!Lol).
Well, it's too late and i am not going to eat anything right now. So i should stop thinking abt food :D I'm gonna change and watch Hellcats from my lappy on my bed. Cozy!


O'boy i want this!!!!

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