Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010


As i said in my last blog, my parents were supposed to leave to the country-side and so i would have been home alone with my younger sis. But plans changed. It all started yesterday late night when we noticed that our cat Muffin is still sick. Her eyes were weird and she just wasnt herself. So, today morning dad called to the vet and her only free time was at 3pm. So, the trip to countryside was cancelled. But does that mean Muffin got to go to the vet? No, coz she didnt show up. She didnt come home. And she still hasnt come. I really hope she'll show up soon. But its too late to go to the vet now i think. Maybe tomorrow morning then?! Well, at first Muffin must come home!
I spent my whole day in the garden again. It was sooo sunny and 26 C degrees. So perfect weather=) I was sunbathing and when it was too hot i jumped to the pool to cool down. Then i was sunbathing again..and so on. :) We also had lunch outside, had a bbq. Sunny weather makes me so happy! I love being in the sun. I dont even wanna come to the net:D But about 8pm its good to come inside and hung out on the net a bit b4 going to bed.
Im gonna have a peppermint tea soon and then i'll watch a movie "16 wishes" with my sis Anni.
Tomorrow im gonna be home alone with her. It's gonna be fun i think=) Im planning to watch all Hannah Montana episodes that i have missed. Haha! It's been forever since i watched these.
Im super pumped becoz of my sister's bachelorette party! She's NO idea what we are planning for that day! I cannot wait=)

haha. mom playing racket with dad=)


Monday, June 28, 2010


Have you ever felt that you wanna post a blog about something, but you cant coz the person who is not supposed to read it could read it?
I have. =P

I guess i gotta wait. Only few days tho(:

You make me happy=D

I cant control my emotions right now. So i just need to write. Haha!
I just talked to Sharon and i think we are finally and truly figuring sth out how to meet! GEEZ! Im super happy. We havent seen each other for sooo long. And you have NO idea how much i miss my girl! My whole family does!!!!!!!!!Im super duper excited. But i know i cant set my hopes too high, coz they can very easily fall down. So, i'll just keep hoping!!!!!
If she could come here this October, then i'll go there next summer. Yay! Im feeling it's gonna be a good year! And next year. But still, i gotta live in today and not to hope TOO much! Focus, Sandra!

Sharon, im waitinngg you, girl!!!!=)

babysitting in the sun.

I woke up today to see how wonderful the weather was again! Yay! Sun makes me happy=)
It would have probably had such a simple day if my sister's biyfriend's daughter and her friend didnt come to play in our garden. They were driving my crazyy! Well, my sister's boyfriend's daughter Lizanna is sweet and everything, but her friend is so crazy. She's like 2 or 3 years younger than Lizanna and she doesnt listen to me at all. I tell them not to go to the pool, but she goes. I tell them not to come to the house when they are wet, but she comes. I tell them play outside, but i hear her saying: "Lizanna, let's go inside!" She does everything oposite to what i ask! But she was very cute at the same time. And as time flow she learnt to listen to me. Or maybe i learnt to be more strict. If they go to the pool, she'll go to her own garden to play, and so on.
I took one cute pic of two water girls too!

Well. They really were enjoying playing with water!!!

Anyway, i made the first smoothie this year. First i made strawberry/raspberry smoothie. It was so yummie. But later about 6pm i wanted to have a slight dinner tho i wasnt hungry. But i had soup for lunch and i knew that if i didnt eat dinner then i would crave for some food at night. And i hate eating at night. So, despite my not so hungerness i still decided to have a little dinner. I made raspberry smoothie[which was DELICIOUS] and i also made summer-perfect-sandwich. It's my this summer's fav =D

How to make raspberry smoothie? All you need are milk, fresh raspberries(or fresh raspberry jam) and sugar. Mix it all, and you have a delicious smoothie!

How to make summer-perfect-sandwich?? Also very simple. All you need are slice of bread, few slices of cheese, farmer cheese and a little bit of lettuce. First put two slices of cheese on your bread, then add a little bit farmer cheese, then comes a bit lettuce and then again some slices of cheese. It's such a perfect sandwich. I love it<3

Well, after this slight dinner, i was watching tv. Dad asked if i wanted ice-cream and i said yes. But then when i went to get one, came out he had eatne it :/ I was furious(or more like acting to be!haha). Then i changed my clothes, took car keys and told dad to give me money coz i wanted to go to buy ice-cream. HAHA! He didn't have cash, so i told him to change his clothes and come with me. And he listened to me so well:D 5 mintues later we were in the foodshop. On our way there my younger sis insisted him to buy her chips too, and nuts for me[im crazy about nuts recently!]. So, we drove back, my holding two packs of nuts and my current fav ice-cream. Happy day!=D

Am i really talking about food all the time? haha.

Tomorrow's gonna be fun day coz pool is full of water and me&Anni are home alone ;) Im gonna download some horror movies for tomorrow night ;) Gonna have super nice time with my younger sis tomorrow! Hopefully it'll be sunny and hot.
And we already decided to make macarones with cheese and tomato pasteminced with meat for dinner tomorrow:)
I will probs make some pancakes in our summer kitchen for lunch tomorrow. With fresh strawberry jam =)

And i deffo wanna spend my day in the pool tomorrow!

Sunday, June 27, 2010


Mom just gave me the first strawberries from our garden. So delicious. I love everything that's from our garden. I cannot wait till peas, raspberries, apples, pears, plumbs and other stuff gets ready. I'll live in the garden then. xD

Anyway, we went to grandpa's birthday today. It was very fun. My cousin Steina-Marta was there too. Gosh, she's so funny. She's always saying her biggest dream is to be me and my sisters' sister. But we are cousins. At least we are related somehow ;)
We took loads of pix, but i don't have them all. Here is one of me&mom!

When i came home it made me so happy to see my two fav girls' wallposts[cheers to Sharon and Shawny!]haha=D Love them so much<3 We are all S girls. Sharon, Shawny, Sandra ;)

Oh, today i had to drive home from grandpa's and when i was driving past Airport i wished i could go on a plane instead! I so wanna see Sharon. it's been too long since we last saw each other:/ TOO long! Yesterday in Pärnu all i wished for was that she was there too! I miss her so much! I truly hope we can come up with a perfect solution for both of us how we can meet! I miss her a lot. And so does my fam. They keep asking me about her like every day:D So cute i think(:

What is friendship? Not only a word but a relationship that cannot be completely defined by words alone.


Okay, yesterday was AWESOME!
Weather was great so we decided to go to Pärnu. First we went to mall there coz dad needed new swimming shorts. Then we were so hungry that we had a lunch at Chopstick. My fav asian restaurant(:
Tummies full, we went to the beach. Omg, the sea water was SO warm. I swam and swam and swam and didnt wanna come out. Unfortunately, mom and Anni didnt find the water so warm, so they didnt swim much. But me and dad lived in the sea. haha=) I reallllly love swimming. But of course i laid on the towel too and sunbathed!=)
There were HansaDays in Pärnu. And so there were lots of fairs and shows. There was two long streets full of veryy old cars. You can imagine how much time my dad spent there. haha=D
Anywho, after the beach we went to the SPA=) It's our fav! There are lots of different pools and saunas. My fav is bubble pool and also hot pool(the water is so hot there that at first u just jump back if ur toes touch the water..but it takes some time to get use to this hotness:P)
And sure there was a regular swimming pool too. I taught my lil sis to swim. She's a pro now :D haha
Well, we had fantastic time there! Mom, dad, Anni and me.
After 3 hrs in the SPA we went to the fair and had a dinner there. Dad also bought us the bigggest ice-cream i have ever had in my life!!!
Then we just walked around. We also bought huge pot of honey(LOVE<3),>. Oh, we also bought smoked almonds, but i didnt like them much:P
Anyway, we arrived back home at 10pm. So, we had a long and super fun day! I really enjoyed it!<3

Today we are going to grandpa's birthday. It's gonna be fun day again!=)


Friday, June 25, 2010

my heart beats for love.

I keep running up to these front lights
No I won't surrender
I'll wait here forever


Today is 3 years since my very sweet and amazing dog Ronni Ronza Ronja died.
Though time has passed by, she's still in my thoughts and in my heart. That will never change! She wasn't just a dog for me. She was my best friend. Every time i came home she was waiting for me, so so happy. I loved playing with her. I loved hugging her. I loved talking to her. She knew me more than any person ever could.
I'm so thankful for Dave Benton who told in her concert once that it's important to let know how much we love ppl around us. Since that day i told every day to Ronni howw much i loved her. I seriously told that all the time. Mom sometimes asked why i kept saying that, but i felt a need for that. And now im glad i did because i can be sure Ronni knew how special she was for me and how MUCH i cared for her. She was my princess!!!
I liked to call her in many names. Rotu, printsess, inglike, Ronja, Ronaldo, Ronza, Ronnu, Sannu butterfly..and so on. I gave her many nicknames coz she deserved them! She was so special dog. She loved our cats. She was like a mom for them.
And she LOVEDD playing with her lil bear-toy. We used to play bear football(: So good old times!
Though it's been 3 years i remember her so well, i remember her softness, her constant happiness. I even remember how i came home from school every day, she was so happy, but i always wanted to sing a song in front of the mirror when i get home. And she always waited till i finished and then we started playing. It was our own little tradition!=)

I wrote a short poem in honer of Ronni:

I begged you to stay

But your gone

I begged you to stay

So we could play in the sun

I begged you to stay

And be with me

I begged you to stay

And i believed

You could stay

Cause i prayed

It was my biggest wish

Not to have you to miss.

IMTF = in my thoughts forever!

Ronni, ma igatsen sind!

Thursday, June 24, 2010

So Fun!

Yesterday after my last blog, mom finally called and told me to go pick them up. And i did. On our way back home, a police officer stopped our car. He said it was a regular control and i had to blow into alcoholometer. It analyzed my breathe and told i was clear. Actually that day about 5 hrs earlier i drank a cocktail with alcohol in it, but only a bit, and i ate and drank water and juice after that a lot. Back at home i went to bed right away. I was so tired.

Today was super fun day! First of all, the weather ROCKED! It was sooo hot and sunny! I love it<3 We were sunbathing in the garden when mom got an idea to go to the beach. And so we did. Bought an ice-cream and drove to the beach. The sea water was soo good. Dad and i were like fishes on the sea. Gosh, i love swimming!!!! We also sunbathed a lot and took some pix. Then after few hours we decided to leave..but not home just yet. We went to the Keila Joa[Keila Falls]. It was so beautiful there. I love falls. We took pix there too. On our way back we bought ice-cream again and visited one cool yachts' harbour. We arrived home about an hour ago. We noticed that our cat Muffin is sick..or at least she's weird..and her eyes are very strange. We called to the vet and she's on her way here. Hope she can tell what's wrong with Muffin and make her well again!!!

Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's past midnight and im SO tired. I would be sleeping long ago already, but im waiting for mom's call to let me know i can go and pick her&dad up. They went out dancing.. and they both had had some alcohol so i must be their driver:/ It's okay. But im tired and i wanna sleep!!!!
So, i decided to come to post a blog.
We celebrated Jaan's Day today. it was so fun!
Well, in the morning we went to the fair, later i mowed lawn, played frisbee with dad. Then we had a BBQ, i went to the sauna, after that i played football with dad. We also made a bonfire and grilled cheese and Gerogia's bread xD
The weather was amazingg. I sunbathed today a lot. It was sunny, hot and NO cloud in the sky. Seriously, we had such a beautiful blue sky. Love it<3

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

every rose has its thorn

Quite much has happened.
My sister graduated 9th grade yesterday. I'm so proud of her! We had so fun party yesterday. I went to bed quite early tho(1am) coz i had to wake up 6am.
I went to Tallinn to work in Old Town. I had to sell books to tourists. It was really fun. I met so many amazing people.
My fav were two Canadians women. We talked for so long. They very very friendly and so so nice. We even talked about Justin Bieber coz he's from Canada. Lol.
Well, my another fav tourists were Mexican. When they told they are from Mexico i was like WOOWW so cool! I told them my best friend lives there. And then they asked where and so on.. They were so sweet!
One Spanish girl was very nice too! And oh, actually most of the people i met today were very very nice!
But i didn't take that job. I mean i had trial day today and i got the job, but i told i dont want coz i found it not fun to always smile and jump in front of tourists to make them buy the book. I find it rude. They should enjoy Old Town and now always deal with annoying book and postcards sellers. So, i basically didn't take the job becoz of all the nice tourists i met today. They deserve better!(:
I really enjoyed talking English and meeting new people today. But it was also tiring...i had to walk around 6 hours and carry a heavy bag full of tourists books:/
But im glad that i got so unique and intersting experience. Big thank to all the tourists i met today!!!!=)

I got back home with mom&dad today. They were in Tallinn when my work ended. I was SO hungry. Thank God i had my fav Mexican Salsa nuts with me..and dad had bought me a huge ice-cream. When we arrived home, first thing i did was had lunch!=D
And ever since i got home i've been so legs and back are hurting. Im too weak i guess. haha!
Anyway, im so glad i can sleep as long as i want this night. =) Only 10:20am is Gray's Anatomy. But i'll be up by that time anyway!=)


PS! I just realized i joined Twitter on 28th March 2009 (451 days ago!). I should start celebrating My 1st tweet's bday on 28th March =P

By the way, Razan made me really happy yesterday. I was pretty nervous about today's job. But she calmed me down. Thanks for believing in me, sweetie(:

Sunday, June 20, 2010

so truly happy!

Im SO happy right now. And all thanks for MILEY!
I just read her super long tweet..about all her new projects and just about her life.. She's been through so much. So much has happened in these 4 years..
And im SO happy for her success and for everything! She deserves it all!
She makes a great art. Her music is mind blowing. Really amazing. Her movies are the BEST!
Her personality is beyond it all. She's the sweetest girl ever. Plus she has great sense of style. I would just continue forever describing Miley.
Tomorrow comes out her album Can't Be Tamed. <3
Im going to bed now my head full of happy thoughts.
Thanks Miley!!!!(:

I always told you.

I really like Colbie Caillat's song I Never Told You. The lyrics are so beautiful.
I changed few lyrics and now this song is for Clara!

I Always Told You

I miss those blue eyes
How we talk whole night
I miss the way we laughed

Like there's no sunrise
Like the taste of your smile

I miss the way we breathe

I always told you

What was in my mind

Yes, i always told you
Didn't held it in

I miss everything about you
Can't believe there's nothing i can do

And after all the things we've been through
I miss everything about you

I see your blue eyes

Every time I close mine

You make it easy to see
Where I belong to

When I'm not around you

you're still with me

I miss everything about you

Can't believe there's nothing i can do
And after all the things we've been through

I miss everything about you

Finland trip.

I got free time now to post a short blog to update what i have been up to these past few days.
On Friday i went to my cousin's 9th grade graduation. It was very nice. I was wearing my fav pink heels and unfortunately my two toes were bleeding when i arrived home. Now im trying to heel them so i could wear these heels at my sister's graduation tomorrow too.
Well, about yesterday now. We woke up 5am, got ready and in 40 minutes we were on our way to Tallinn. We got to the boat about 7:30am. It means we had to wait so long..
It took 2 hrs to arrived to Finland. Dad was waiting for us. We went to Hyvinkää first. We visited two fairs. These were so fun. Bought lots of stuff for home and all of us. We were there pretty long :P
Then we were all sooo hungry and went to kebab restaurant and ate delicious lunch. Stomachs full, we went to dad's place. And finally 4:30pm we started driving back to Helsinki. We wanted to go shopping. But when i was in H&M, hands full of clothes i wanted to try on, man came and told the shop will be closed :/ Damn. Basically all the shops were closed at 6pm. It means i didnt get chance to buy anything. And we still had so much time till our way back to Estonia. It was raining out side so we didnt want to go for a walk. We just bought ice-cream(Dumble- my fav!) and chocolate candies. We were in the car, joking and filming and taking pix. Fun family time!haha(:
We arrived home at 1:15am. I slept the whole way back to Kohila from Tallinn. I was really tired.
Today i woke up 10am i think. I had breakfast and went to Tallinn to the shops with dad and sis. I needed a dress for my sister's graduation. I got really cute one. I think i'll wear it at my older sister's wedding too(:
Back at home, i cleaned my room, worked out a bit and now im listening to music with my headphones..veryyy loud coz my sister is listening to Miley's new album that got leaked to the net. I refuse listening to it until the CD is officially relised. I actually would want to wait till i get the CD on my own, but it'll take a bit longer time coz we dont have it i asked my friend to send it to me from usa. I cannot wait to hold it!haha=) I think i cant wait so long, so i'll listen to the songs on youtube when the cd is officially out.

Im going to eat now, we are having BBQ!=)

19th June. IMTF

"Missing someone gets easier everyday because even though you are one day further from the last time you saw them, you are one day closer to the next time you will."

"Distance never separates two hearts that really care, for our memories span the miles and in seconds we are there. But whenever I start feeling sad, because I miss you, I remind myself how lucky I am to have someone so special to miss."

In my thoughts forever <3

I love you, Clara!

Friday, June 18, 2010


Three years ago tonight at the same time i was talking to my best friend Clara. She was my true best friend. One of a kind. Unique. Although she was sick i believed she'd get well. I prayed for it. She thought me to believe and have a faith. And i did.
I remember that night so well. We were talking on msn..about everything. We had so many plans for the future. Her mom said that if she gets well she can come to visit me. Gosh, we were both so excited. It was all i wanted, to spend time with my best friend!!!
We talked for soo long..i remember being so happy. She always made me smile(: I've never been happier than i was back then.
Finally, it was soo late already and she went to bed. But i decided to stay up longer to finish a photo i was making for her. I posted it to her myspace comment box and went to bed too.
In bed i thanked god for giving me so amazing friend. And i asked him to heal my best friend so we could be besties forever. I couldn't imagine my life without her. And so she just had to get well and live a long beautiful and happy life. But it wasnt her destiny :(

Next morning i was still veryy happy. I went to foodshop with my mom, bought my fav ice-cream and was so excited to get back home to go to msn and talk to Clara.
When i logged online she just came online too. I started talking, but came out it was Clara's friend. I thought Clara was somewhere near and asked how she was.. Then she told me the sad news. She passed away on 19th June, around 11am. I was in shock. So that was it?! In one moment she was here, and the second she was gone? Forever?!
Actually before i was told the bad news, this girl just wrote: OMG. And when i saw that i knew. She hadnt told that Clara was dead..but i knew what was coming.. And when i read that "omg" soo many memories flashed trhough my mind.. like in a movie...only it was real this time. All our memories came to my mind..and then i saw a life without her..and all i was thinking was: no, she can't be dead, she cant be gone forever.. And i wished the news was that she went to the hospital, she's feeling worse or whatever..but not the very end- death.
But sadly it was exactly was i thought. She had passed away. I just looked at screen and cried..
I went to the myspace and saw a comment from Clara. She had posted it on 19th June morning.. It was her last message for me... The sweetest words everybody has ever told me. I'll never forget that!
When Sharon came to msn she told that Clara was on msn in early morning. She asked her to tell me that she'll always love me.
So, Clara knew it's gonna happen. She went back to bed coz she had stomach hurts and then she died.

Im not stuck in past. But once in a while i like to think about everything that happened. It wont make me as sad as it was back then. Clara's wish was me to stay happy. She even wrote a poem "Smile, Sandy"(: And that's exactly what im doing! =)

But I'm missing her every single day.
Although time passes by, memories wont fade away. And im glad they dont. I think of her and think of the time we had together. As i said she was my very best friend. She taught me what a real friendship is. I'll never forget her.


Thursday, June 17, 2010


YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Sharon didn't fail any of her exams. I knew that! It means she's going to graduate! Im really really proud of her. (:


Gosh, i cannot wait to see her again. I miss her, i miss Holland, i miss her family, i miss our jokes, i miss hunging out with her, i miss shopping with her, i miss EVERYTHING about Sharon&her fam.
I never thought i could find such an amazing friend on the Internet, become soo close with her, meet her, be able to talk about anything with her, and just be friends with her forever.
I guess she's no idea how much she means to me! Im just so happy to have her in my life. If she's happy, im happy!=)

Im gonna bed tonight and think about allll these fun days we've shared together. In Beligum, in Estonia and in Holland. I know there's so much to come more. Im so excited!


Damaged people are dangerous because they know how to survive.

This quote has a very special meaning.

I am so so blessed to know people who are THAT brave! I look up to them and they just give me strength to go on what ever happens..

Like N.Sparks has said: Some things are best to kept in secret.
These secrets might be tough, but at the same time they may be the reasons why we are who we are today.

I thank my friend who is sharing her secret with me. By these little good or bad things we learn more about each other. We learn to understand.

ps!today i understood how tough a life could be:|

back at home

Im back at home. I had super fantastic time with my friends in Tartu. Gosh, they make me sooo happppy=) We had so much fun! Love everything about yesterday!!!
We really joked so much and took loads of pix! Everything was rly cool!=) And i already miss them...Cannot wait to see them again.
I'll put here some pix we took.. Most of them are like tourist one.haha. Gerli was showing us around..It was fun=D

These are one of the nicest pix. I mean we were behaving in these pix. But most of the pix we took are crazyyy:D haha, we were joking SO much!

I'll never forget that amazingly fun day&night with my girls=)

Today me and Jaana woke up 5:30am to catch a train back to Tallinn. Thank God train was so empty and we both got to lay on the seats and sleep. It was so good and cozy(: We were 9am in Tallinn. I went to the supermarket to buy a breakfast. After that i went to the job interview.
I really liked there. They were sooo nice=) And on Tuesday i'll have a trial day. Hope i'll like it and that everything will go well;)

I still don't know anything sure about Finland's job. I would like it coz the salary is good there. But at the same time i'd like to do that job im going to try on Tuesday.
I bet i'll see how it all turns out. I just gotta wait and see :P


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You've got to seize the opportunity if it is presented to you.

Today morning i opened my eyes at first at 9am. Obviously too early to wake up. But what i realized was that i wasnt feeling sick anymore!Very positive!
Next time i opened my eyes was at 10:30am when i got a phone call. The screen showed caller number, but i didn't know who it was, when i answered i tried not to sound too sleepy[but i kinda failed; my voice was awful.] I was so embarred.haha. Well, it was one woman calling me coz i once sent them a CV. It was when i was in May when i was looking for a summer job. She asked if i had a job yet and if i could like to go to a job interview. I automatically said yes, and we arranged the meeting for Thursday. Although i've the lil job at ranch and i'll maybe go to work to Finland for a month, i still decided to go to that interview. I have nothing to loose. Like my mom says: Kõik läheb iseenestest paika, just nii nagu peab. (:
So, im trying to follow her advice and let's see what happens and how everything works out!

Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Anyway, tomorrow i'll go to Tartu with Jaana. We decided to go by bus instead of train. So, i can sleep longer tomorrow morning. In Tartu we'll meet Marina, Liis, Liisa and of course Gerli. Then we'll hung out, go Gerli's place, have a sauna and so on. At night it's a club time=)
And next morning back by bus. And then i'll go straight to the job interview:P

On Friday i'll go to Tallinn also. With mommy this time. We'll go to my cousin's graduation.
On Saturday we'll go to Finland with our fam. Dad is waiting for us in the harbor and we'll first go to Hyvinkää, that's where our apartment is. We'll probs go to some shops there, have a lunch and then back to Helsinki:D Real shopping time:) We'll come back to Estonia at night. Dad will come too coz his 2 weeks holiday starts. Yay! It kinda sucks that im maybe going to work in Finland while dad has 2 weeks off .. it means i cant go to SPA or camping with my fam.. But maybe they'll postpone it..
Right now nothing is sure. It's all so messed up. But i try to keep mom's words in my mind and now to worry about how things are going .. everything will turn out just as it has to!

Im gonna go to do manicure now. Pedicure is done. I haven't had pink toe nails for sooo long. haha:P

Monday, June 14, 2010

sickness, please go away!!!

First of all, yesterday i posted two blogs, but not one quote.

You never know how string you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.

I really like this quote and i think it has a good point!

Now, let me tell a bit about yesterday. After eating the potato casserole that i made, i started feeling sick. Well, not right after eating. Me and my sis watched The Forgotten last night. So awesome movie. Anyway, after that i started feeling sick. Then i took a shower at midnight. It was probs my latest shower. Back in my room, i talked to Elise on the skype and to my other friend on msn. But i just felt worse and worse. Finally, at 1:30am i went to bed, but i couldnt fall asleep becoz of the nausea. I truly thought i'd throw up..but i didnt.

Btw, my granny called yesterday and told that my uncle wants help in Finland. My granny told he doesn't wanna go work there alone coz its too much to handle. So, im going to help here. Oh, though the working days are long, im glad i can earn some good money. I didnt have a job in summer anyway. And i think its gonna be fun in Finland. But we must work 7 days a week.. whole month. From early morning to late night.
What sucks about this whole thing is that i don't have internet there. Even if i had i just wouldnd have time to use it. And im a bit sad that on 17th July i can't be home. So, it means i'll miss my mom's birthday. I know she'd want me to be here. But i'll see what i can do. I also had to work in that ranch on 17th evening..just for an hour. I guess i must call and cancel. But i guess i won't do that just yet; not until everything is 100% sure. My uncle is not so reliable.

Gerli just called and told that she'll still have her bday party on Wednesday. Im so glad=) It means that i can take part of it. Yesterday we agreed to celebrate her and Jaana's bday together in July. But now that i know im going to Finland for a whole month, it's good she decided to celebrate it still this week:) I can't wait to see my chicks:)

Btw, i noticed today that if im sick i crave for porridge. But when i was younger i always craved for omelet. Actually, i still kinda do. Lol.
So, mom made porridge. So yummiie! I really love it(:
Oh i think its not necessary to say that every time i even think of the potato casserole i feel even worse. I have no idea why this food made me so sick:/ But my mom loves the food and she's okay. Donno.

Right now im laying on my bed. Like i have been doing most of the day. Thank God my stomach doesn't hurt that badly anymore. Im probably getting better(:

Im going now. I found a really good quote that it's just perfect to end this post:

I would rather do something and find out that it was the wrong thing, than never know if it was the right thing.

That's what im always doing. =)

Sunday, June 13, 2010

i LOVE books

I found this AMAZING online bookstore where you can buy second-handed and new books with such a low price.

This is the website:

Like every online store it has a shipping cost too. But it's not that much.
Well, i found 5 books that i really want. And they'll go cost with the shipping only $35. It's not that much. One book by $7 dollars. I donno how's there, but in my country you can never buy such a good book with such a little price. So im amazed.

I just love reading. I love English language. Gosh, thinking about it makes me so happy=)

I cannot wait to order these 5 books:

As you can see i love books written by Nicholas Sparks. He's my totally fav book author. He's simply amazing. I really admire his work!
My second fav author is probably Cecelia Ahern. Her books are really unique!


Lido's Potato Casserole=)

YummYummYumm! I love cooking. =)
Mom asked me to make a dinner. So, i made potato casserole. I made it the way they make it in Lido's[the best diner!]. Every time i eat out at Lido's i eat Potato Casserole. It's delicious!
And so i made the same at home today. It was easy and quite fast to make. And for the salad i made my family's fav spring/summer salad[i've posted a blog with that recipe before].

I'll write how to make my fav Lido's Potatoe Casserole!=)

whipped cream
minced meat

How to make:
Put a bit oil to the oven casserole and cut thin potato slices in that. Then add salt and pepper and immix so all the potatoes get a bit of salt.
Fry the minced meat and also add there special spice if you want. Now if that's ready, add it also to the casserole. Immix it with potatoes.

Now take a bowl and put there abt 500ml whipped cream[dont whip it tho!], add chopped garlic[put as much as you like]. Now add this cream to the casserole also. Softly jam it all and add more salt if needed. Now put the casserole to the oven, in 200C degrees for about 40min[but it depends, so check it!].

And if you feel its ready, add cheese slices and put it to a oven for a few minutes so the cheese can melt.

Take it out and enjoy the delicious dinner!=)

bon apettit

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Here's Thursday's quote:
The first step to getting the things you want out of life is this: Decide what you want.

Here's yesterday's quote:
A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step.

Here's today's quote:
Luck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.

Im a fail. I know i told i was going to post one quote every day. But see, at least im trying to fix it! haha

I've been quite, actually not really busy, but just occupied by other things.
Yesterday i had to slept over at my sister's place coz she went to visit her in-laws. So, i had to take care of her kitty. OMG, that cat is a killer! He thinks im a tree and he can climb on that:/ Wish he didnt have so long and sharp nails:| And, he obviously doesnt sleep. O_O
I went to bed and tried not to move so he could see i was sleeping..and that he should too! But he just came to my face, bit me, and thought he can eat my hair AND my hand :S He couldnt be THAT hungry! He had his food in the kitchen! Crazy!
And then i got so angry and threw him out of the bedroom and closed the door. It was in the middle of the night i think..or was it morning? Anyway, in the morning at some point i remember opening the door coz he wanted back in. Then he played with my hand a bit and finalllly fell alseep.
I woke up 10:10am. I quickly changed my clothes, feed the cat and ran home(:

Today's Laura's 20th birthday. Her party starts at 6pm. I need to get my nails done and pick out an outfit.
But right now im suffering from a stomach hurt:/ I first thought it was coz i was hungry, but im not sure anymore coz i had breakfast..
Im going to work out and then i'll just relax and read a book. Im still so tired from last night.

PS! Football World Cup started yesterday=)

Wednesday, June 9, 2010


I want to figure ice-skate! haha. I just finished watching The Cutting Edge 4: Fire and Ice. So amazing. I love ice-skating soo much! I remember when there were Olympics then me and my family always watched every kind of ice-skating competitions and cheered for our favorites(:

After breakfast today morning i watched Grey's Anatomy and then i decided to work out a bit and dance:) I have two fav dances on youtube. The compositions are really awesome!

This is my very fav!

I especially love the ending of the dance! Btw, this song is my cellphone tone:P

Anywho, so, i was dancing around my room and wishing i was the same talented as these dancers.haha, like its ever gonna happen!:D But it was fun anyway. I just LOVE to dance. It's my true passion!

There's two things i wanna do next uni year:[even aerobics is good enough]
2.learn spanish

Oh, and yoga classes would be fun too!=)

Btw, my videocam is finally charged and working.yay!=) I was thinking of filming a vid any time soon:P

Okiedokie. Im going downstairs now coz the telenovela starts soon. Mar De Amor. =P
Passion is passion. It's the excitement between the tedious spaces, and it doesn't matter where it's directed...It can be coins or sports or politics or horses or music or faith...the saddest people I've ever met in life are the ones who don't care deeply about anything at all.

Is it too obvious that i like anything that Nicholas Sparks has ever written?! :)

PS!I think marzipan is helping me to forget chocolate..step-by-step. i LOVE marzipan!(:

Tuesday, June 8, 2010


GDO=girls' day out

I had super fun day with Marina today. We went shopping coz i needed a present for my friend. It took like 5 mins. haha. Then we decided to take a walk coz it was sunny and Old Town was full of cute tourists! We got to catch up with all the latest news. After "such a long" walking we got so hungry. lol So, we went to have a lunch at Lido's. Yummmie! We both took the best food they have there;) We ended up eating&chatting there for sooo long. Then we went to Kosmos to buy tickets to The Last Song movie. It cost only 25 kroons. The cheapest ticket i have ever bought. haha. We had a bit time till the movies, so we went to have an ice-cream.
The movie was AMAZING as we knew(we both had seen it before.Lol). I just love that movie with all my bones!<3
Beautiful&breathtaking =)

I came home with my sis and had a dinner.
Mom and i decided to make a week menu or sth like that. We both wrote down our fav food and made a menu what we could eat every day. We'll see if it's gonna work. :P

Im listening to Demi's album Here We Go Again. I donno what i would do without that album. I love it so much. If i listen to it, it reminds me of the summer 2009. That time when i was working at the cafe and when Jake came to Estonia.
Good memories :)

AND well, i just realized that the most Demi's music reminds me of herself. It was awesome to be able to get to know her last summer(:

I saw that Miley is having some new clothes on her Miley&Max Clothing line. I found one outfit that i really like.

I think it's so cute!!=)

Omg, i was looking for a good quote from The Last Song movie, and i ended up reading some comments on the movie forum. Gosh, people are so mean! They are saying that Miley ruined the movie?! Are they blind? She did amazinggg job! She was the BEST! The movie was amazing!!
But well, i guess everyone has their own opinion. But still, i don't agree with this one!!!

Maybe i have posted this quote before, but i just really love it:

Life was much like a song. In the beginning there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it's in the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile.

Monday, June 7, 2010

this is my life

I don’t wanna run; I don’t wanna fight
I don’t wanna hide; I just wanna stay free, to be me
I don’t wanna win; I don’t wanna lose
I don’t wanna play; I just wanna remember, my name


Oh, i just finished writing "my story" to Miley and Ash. It's kinda hard to write about myself...coz if i start, i can't stop. And the last thing i want is to bore them. :P But now it's done.

Hm, i did some online shopping earlier. Well, more like a looking. I didn't actually buy anything coz the shops i love doesn't deliver anything to Estonia:/ It sucks! Big time! But i still love looking. I found a tank that i really love.

I love it coz i reallly love L.A. As i wrote in one of my earlier blogs it's my dream to go to L.A one day! I can't wait till it actually happens =)

I went to Rapla with my sis today. And finally i got a right adapter for my videocam. yay! Finally. It's charging right now. I can't wait to film something tomorrow.

Im going to watch The Cutting Edge 3 with my lil sis soon i think. if not tonight, then tomorrow.
I'll go to Tallinn with Marina tomorrow. Girls Day Out<3 I can't wait to see The Last Song again! Im so excited =D

I found that quote, and for some reason i really like it:

When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go. Because only one of the two will happen: either He will catch you when you fall or teach you how to fly.

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Remember Me.

It's Sunday already.
Yesterday i posted 4 blogs, but no quote.
So, i'll post today two quotes.
Yesterday night i watched like 5 episodes of 10 Things I Hate About You. It's so cute tv series!

I had a nice day. I danced and did some workout. Gosh, i love that. I always feel so good after that:)
Anyway, then i watched a movie. Remember Me. If You haven't seen it, then find time and watch it. It's amazing. Every time i watch it to gives me goose pumps and in the end i just can't hold my tears back. This movie is just beyond words. It's so real and yet so impossible to take in.

After watching it, i had a huge mood to listen to music(haha, i have that mood every day!Lol).
So, i was listening to music on iTunes and chatting to my friends on msn.
Marina and i planned our girls day out. We'll go shopping and to the movies on Tuesday!I cannot wait. We are gonna see The Last Song again. YAY!

A bit time ago i finished watching a movie with my sis. We watched The Cutting Edge 2. It was so sweet movie(: We'll watch the third one some another day.

Here are my two fav quotes from the movie Remember Me:

You once told me, our fingerprints don't fade from the lives we touch.

Everything you do in life will be insignificant, but it's very important that you do it, because nobody else will.

Saturday, June 5, 2010


Mom asked me to bake something. So i made vol-au-vents.Or maybe i should call them quiches filled with banana!
I decided to share the easy recipe with you all(whoever is reading this:P)

flaky pastry

How to make:
roll the flaky pastry so it's quite thin. Then cut bananas into half or 3-4. And now cut the bananas into half the other way too. So, it'll be more thinner. Now put the flaky pastry around each banana piece. You can use fork to make the pastry stay together.

If you want you can put honey and almonds' flakes as a filling with bananas. Then it'll be more sweeter.

Then put it to the oven and cook it in 225 C degree till they turn yellow-brownish. It doesn't take very long!

And then enjoy your masterpiece(:

Kitchen art=)


There's quite many new songs that i like. Well, maybe the songs aren't that new, but i just didn't know or like them before. But everything changes.
Anyway, one of my fav is Impossible by Shontelle (:

Oh My June && pretty little liars

I got a Twist magazine yesterday and there was two things that made me really happy.
Firstly, there was an advert that Make It Or Break It new season premiere is on 28th June. Yay! Finallllly! I cannot wait!=)

Secondly, there will be a new ABC family tv show called Pretty Little Liars. Starring with Lucy Hale(from Privileged). I hope it'll be something for me. I can't wait to watch it!!!

Miley's album comes out on 22th June, so i wrote it to my calendar in RED BIG LETTERS!

June is gonna ROCK=D

ice-creamy day!

I had so much fun yesterday with my lil cousin yesterday. After my younger sis went to bed, me and my cousin sat on my bed and we were talking so much..Then 1,5 hours later i told we should go to bed. It was 1am then. She insisted that i left her lights on and she also wanted to listen some stories from the internet. Though we didnt sleep in the same room, the door was open so i saw the light too and heard the story:/ Couldnt sleep like that! So, i took my sleeping eyebads and iPod. I listened to Demi's album Here We Go Again. It made me think of last summer! Aww, i loved it<3
But i still couldnt fall asleep. So, at 2am i went to check my cosuin and thank god she was alseep. So i turned the computer and lights off. Silence!yay! So, i fell asleep instantly(:
In the morning the alarm rang 9:30am. It's Saturday. No Grey's Anatomy in the morning today :(
I had breakfast, checked my mail and then my cousin wanted me to go to the food shop with her! We bought ice-cream..and on our way back we went to her place..and she wanted to make me a banana cocktail..with ice-cream:/ Actually it was really yummie, but im really full of ice-cream now.
Im going to workout and dance now, and then we'll have a BBQ later.

My sis came home and she said exam was pretty hard. But let's still hope for the best!=)

PS! Ash is looking for an assistant for THOM... Im gonna try to canditate for it. haha. At least then my time in the summer would be planned. But at the same time i think i have such a little chance to win it coz i don't know so much about Miley. I love her music, i love her acting skills, i love her style, but mostly i love her personality. She's sweet, she's loyal, she's funny. And it seems to me that she's not scared of others opinions so much..i mean she's really herself! And im always looking up to her!
But i doubt i know so much about her life.. Okay, i know her boyfriend's name..If she's still with I dont even know her fav movie, or a song..
And i dont feel like i have to know her..coz she's private life too. If she would tell me that, i'd love to know. But im definitely now gonna search for it.
Donno why im even writing about it. I guess im just thinking out loud..or written down..

Okay, i better start dancing Eurovision Flash Mob Dance now:D LOVEEE it<3

Friday, June 4, 2010

don't take it granted..

I had a really good day! I helped out at one rly awesome dance-show! It was a long day, but passed by so quickly. And i totally enjoyed it!=)
This day made me realized once again that i really love children and i made a right decision when i went to Tallinn university to become a primary school teacher! Children are so fun, and i love teaching and helping them!!!=)
But today i didn't have to teach anything. Just to help them and make sure they were behaving good. They even called me a teacher :D aww!
One girl came in crying..she didn't talk to anybody, but when we were alone, i managed to calm her down and then she told me why she was crying.. and together we resolved a problem :)
Then just before one group had to go to the stage on lil girl came to me and told she peed in her pants by accident. I guess she was too nervous becoz of the big stage.. But i calmed her down and told her to go on stage and act like nothing happened..She was unsure, but i promised no-one will even notice her wet shirt! And so it all went well! She danced really well and no-one saw anything. Just as i thought!
And then one girl cried coz another girl hit her:/
In the end one girl lost her cellphone :|
So, there happened quite much! But i totally enjoyed it all. And then the last the most powerful dance was, we ran to the concert room to watch it too. All the other dances we watched on the stage..coz we were helping and telling when which group must go..
Fun, fun, and once again, FUN!=D

Car drive home was funny too. My co-worker/helper Maarja had to pic one woman up from the airport. She came from London and whole way home this woman told her crazy adventures in London. Gosh! I was laughing like crazy!haha(:

When i arrived home a movie about Estonia's ship catastrophe started on tv. There was a new movie about it. So, i watched with it my family. So crazy and horrible. I feel so sorry for all the ones who lost their life on that boat that night. And for all the one who knew someone who died on the boat. And for the one who had to live through this horror. These few who managed to save their lives are really lucky!
This reminded me once again that we shouldn't take life granted. We should every day and everything we have!=)

Good night!

PS! I wish all the world's luck for my lil sis tomorrow who's gonna take an Estonian exam tomorrow! If it was in my power i would give her my writing skills. But i believe in her and i know she'll give her best!
Good luck, Sis(:

"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day."

Thursday, June 3, 2010


"There are moments when i wish i could roll back the clock and take all the sadness away, but i have a feeling that if i did, the joy would be gone as well. So i take the memories as they come, accepting them all, letting them guide me whenever i can."

As i wrote the other day there are so many things i want to do or
Going to a Berlin Love Parade is just one of these many things..
Isn't that powerful?! =D

So many people all together. All enjoying the same event! Awesome!

I'll go there one day. It's a promise! ;)

Night. Xo.


New day=) Today's been pretty normal. Go figure!
Thankfully it's been such a wonderful weather, so i was in the garden the majority of my day! And of course i got bitten by bugs:/:/ Not nice!
I read The Last Song a bit and then i danced Eurovision Flash Mob Dance!OH BOY, i just LOVE it<3
I started learning it yesterday, but the last part(4th) was really hard and i gave up. But today i had dancing mood again and this time i took the challenge and rocked it! 4th part wasn't that hard after all. So, now i know the entire dance and i can keep dancing it every day for the rest of my life. HA HA!xD

Today i realized that im totally obsessed with The City and Grey's Anatomy. It's like my new tradition to watch Gery's Anatomy every morning at 10:25am from FoxLife.

And The City just rocks my socks!It's just so awesome. I'm so happy for Whitney's success! Her clothing line is eh-amazing! About Roxy..oh, she's ROXY! Love her i-dont-care-the-hell-out-of-it attitude! And she's such a supportive friend for Whitney! They are realllly awesome&fun!=)

And both of theirs style is just so cool! LOVE<3

Wednesday, June 2, 2010

You had me at Hello!

Do you ever feel like breaking down?
Do you ever feel out of place?
Like somehow you just don't belong
And no one understands you
Do you ever wanna run away?
Do you lock yourself in your room?
With the radio on turned up so loud
That no one hears you screaming

Gee.. I have nothing to write, and yet i have so much that i want to say. But for some reason today i can't write.

I've been staring the screen for so long..and nothing feels right..

I miss those who are not here =(
It says all i feel i guess.

Tuesday, June 1, 2010


"Life is much like a song. In the beginning there is mystery, in the end there is confirmation, but it's in the middle where all the emotion resides to make the whole thing worthwhile."

It's time to go to bed and chase my dreams there(:

Mommy's salad=]

I was making a salad the other day. It's my family's fav summerish salad! it's fresh, healthy and so delicious!
So, i decided to share the recipe!;)

1 head cabbage
1 cucumber
feta cheese
2 apples
1 big pear
3 tomatoes
salad oil
sugar, salt, pepper

You can see all the ingredients in the pic too ;)

How to make it:
Just chop everything up to a cube-shaped pieces. Add corn. And if you have one big feta then chop that up too. But it'll be better if you buy chopped feta that's been in the oil with herbs. It's important to add feta in the end. Blend everything but feta first. Add little sugar, salt, pepper and salad oil. Then add feta cubes and blend is softly.

Trust me it's delicious. It's perfect with the grilled meat, oven baked salmon or anything that's possible. Yummie!

bon appetit!