Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Mommy's salad=]

I was making a salad the other day. It's my family's fav summerish salad! it's fresh, healthy and so delicious!
So, i decided to share the recipe!;)

1 head cabbage
1 cucumber
feta cheese
2 apples
1 big pear
3 tomatoes
salad oil
sugar, salt, pepper

You can see all the ingredients in the pic too ;)

How to make it:
Just chop everything up to a cube-shaped pieces. Add corn. And if you have one big feta then chop that up too. But it'll be better if you buy chopped feta that's been in the oil with herbs. It's important to add feta in the end. Blend everything but feta first. Add little sugar, salt, pepper and salad oil. Then add feta cubes and blend is softly.

Trust me it's delicious. It's perfect with the grilled meat, oven baked salmon or anything that's possible. Yummie!

bon appetit!

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