Saturday, June 5, 2010


Mom asked me to bake something. So i made vol-au-vents.Or maybe i should call them quiches filled with banana!
I decided to share the easy recipe with you all(whoever is reading this:P)

flaky pastry

How to make:
roll the flaky pastry so it's quite thin. Then cut bananas into half or 3-4. And now cut the bananas into half the other way too. So, it'll be more thinner. Now put the flaky pastry around each banana piece. You can use fork to make the pastry stay together.

If you want you can put honey and almonds' flakes as a filling with bananas. Then it'll be more sweeter.

Then put it to the oven and cook it in 225 C degree till they turn yellow-brownish. It doesn't take very long!

And then enjoy your masterpiece(:

Kitchen art=)

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