Monday, June 28, 2010

babysitting in the sun.

I woke up today to see how wonderful the weather was again! Yay! Sun makes me happy=)
It would have probably had such a simple day if my sister's biyfriend's daughter and her friend didnt come to play in our garden. They were driving my crazyy! Well, my sister's boyfriend's daughter Lizanna is sweet and everything, but her friend is so crazy. She's like 2 or 3 years younger than Lizanna and she doesnt listen to me at all. I tell them not to go to the pool, but she goes. I tell them not to come to the house when they are wet, but she comes. I tell them play outside, but i hear her saying: "Lizanna, let's go inside!" She does everything oposite to what i ask! But she was very cute at the same time. And as time flow she learnt to listen to me. Or maybe i learnt to be more strict. If they go to the pool, she'll go to her own garden to play, and so on.
I took one cute pic of two water girls too!

Well. They really were enjoying playing with water!!!

Anyway, i made the first smoothie this year. First i made strawberry/raspberry smoothie. It was so yummie. But later about 6pm i wanted to have a slight dinner tho i wasnt hungry. But i had soup for lunch and i knew that if i didnt eat dinner then i would crave for some food at night. And i hate eating at night. So, despite my not so hungerness i still decided to have a little dinner. I made raspberry smoothie[which was DELICIOUS] and i also made summer-perfect-sandwich. It's my this summer's fav =D

How to make raspberry smoothie? All you need are milk, fresh raspberries(or fresh raspberry jam) and sugar. Mix it all, and you have a delicious smoothie!

How to make summer-perfect-sandwich?? Also very simple. All you need are slice of bread, few slices of cheese, farmer cheese and a little bit of lettuce. First put two slices of cheese on your bread, then add a little bit farmer cheese, then comes a bit lettuce and then again some slices of cheese. It's such a perfect sandwich. I love it<3

Well, after this slight dinner, i was watching tv. Dad asked if i wanted ice-cream and i said yes. But then when i went to get one, came out he had eatne it :/ I was furious(or more like acting to be!haha). Then i changed my clothes, took car keys and told dad to give me money coz i wanted to go to buy ice-cream. HAHA! He didn't have cash, so i told him to change his clothes and come with me. And he listened to me so well:D 5 mintues later we were in the foodshop. On our way there my younger sis insisted him to buy her chips too, and nuts for me[im crazy about nuts recently!]. So, we drove back, my holding two packs of nuts and my current fav ice-cream. Happy day!=D

Am i really talking about food all the time? haha.

Tomorrow's gonna be fun day coz pool is full of water and me&Anni are home alone ;) Im gonna download some horror movies for tomorrow night ;) Gonna have super nice time with my younger sis tomorrow! Hopefully it'll be sunny and hot.
And we already decided to make macarones with cheese and tomato pasteminced with meat for dinner tomorrow:)
I will probs make some pancakes in our summer kitchen for lunch tomorrow. With fresh strawberry jam =)

And i deffo wanna spend my day in the pool tomorrow!

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