Thursday, June 17, 2010


YAY!!!!!!!!!!! Sharon didn't fail any of her exams. I knew that! It means she's going to graduate! Im really really proud of her. (:


Gosh, i cannot wait to see her again. I miss her, i miss Holland, i miss her family, i miss our jokes, i miss hunging out with her, i miss shopping with her, i miss EVERYTHING about Sharon&her fam.
I never thought i could find such an amazing friend on the Internet, become soo close with her, meet her, be able to talk about anything with her, and just be friends with her forever.
I guess she's no idea how much she means to me! Im just so happy to have her in my life. If she's happy, im happy!=)

Im gonna bed tonight and think about allll these fun days we've shared together. In Beligum, in Estonia and in Holland. I know there's so much to come more. Im so excited!

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