Monday, June 28, 2010

You make me happy=D

I cant control my emotions right now. So i just need to write. Haha!
I just talked to Sharon and i think we are finally and truly figuring sth out how to meet! GEEZ! Im super happy. We havent seen each other for sooo long. And you have NO idea how much i miss my girl! My whole family does!!!!!!!!!Im super duper excited. But i know i cant set my hopes too high, coz they can very easily fall down. So, i'll just keep hoping!!!!!
If she could come here this October, then i'll go there next summer. Yay! Im feeling it's gonna be a good year! And next year. But still, i gotta live in today and not to hope TOO much! Focus, Sandra!

Sharon, im waitinngg you, girl!!!!=)

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