Monday, June 14, 2010

sickness, please go away!!!

First of all, yesterday i posted two blogs, but not one quote.

You never know how string you are, until being strong is the only choice you have.

I really like this quote and i think it has a good point!

Now, let me tell a bit about yesterday. After eating the potato casserole that i made, i started feeling sick. Well, not right after eating. Me and my sis watched The Forgotten last night. So awesome movie. Anyway, after that i started feeling sick. Then i took a shower at midnight. It was probs my latest shower. Back in my room, i talked to Elise on the skype and to my other friend on msn. But i just felt worse and worse. Finally, at 1:30am i went to bed, but i couldnt fall asleep becoz of the nausea. I truly thought i'd throw up..but i didnt.

Btw, my granny called yesterday and told that my uncle wants help in Finland. My granny told he doesn't wanna go work there alone coz its too much to handle. So, im going to help here. Oh, though the working days are long, im glad i can earn some good money. I didnt have a job in summer anyway. And i think its gonna be fun in Finland. But we must work 7 days a week.. whole month. From early morning to late night.
What sucks about this whole thing is that i don't have internet there. Even if i had i just wouldnd have time to use it. And im a bit sad that on 17th July i can't be home. So, it means i'll miss my mom's birthday. I know she'd want me to be here. But i'll see what i can do. I also had to work in that ranch on 17th evening..just for an hour. I guess i must call and cancel. But i guess i won't do that just yet; not until everything is 100% sure. My uncle is not so reliable.

Gerli just called and told that she'll still have her bday party on Wednesday. Im so glad=) It means that i can take part of it. Yesterday we agreed to celebrate her and Jaana's bday together in July. But now that i know im going to Finland for a whole month, it's good she decided to celebrate it still this week:) I can't wait to see my chicks:)

Btw, i noticed today that if im sick i crave for porridge. But when i was younger i always craved for omelet. Actually, i still kinda do. Lol.
So, mom made porridge. So yummiie! I really love it(:
Oh i think its not necessary to say that every time i even think of the potato casserole i feel even worse. I have no idea why this food made me so sick:/ But my mom loves the food and she's okay. Donno.

Right now im laying on my bed. Like i have been doing most of the day. Thank God my stomach doesn't hurt that badly anymore. Im probably getting better(:

Im going now. I found a really good quote that it's just perfect to end this post:

I would rather do something and find out that it was the wrong thing, than never know if it was the right thing.

That's what im always doing. =)

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