Sunday, June 20, 2010

Finland trip.

I got free time now to post a short blog to update what i have been up to these past few days.
On Friday i went to my cousin's 9th grade graduation. It was very nice. I was wearing my fav pink heels and unfortunately my two toes were bleeding when i arrived home. Now im trying to heel them so i could wear these heels at my sister's graduation tomorrow too.
Well, about yesterday now. We woke up 5am, got ready and in 40 minutes we were on our way to Tallinn. We got to the boat about 7:30am. It means we had to wait so long..
It took 2 hrs to arrived to Finland. Dad was waiting for us. We went to Hyvinkää first. We visited two fairs. These were so fun. Bought lots of stuff for home and all of us. We were there pretty long :P
Then we were all sooo hungry and went to kebab restaurant and ate delicious lunch. Stomachs full, we went to dad's place. And finally 4:30pm we started driving back to Helsinki. We wanted to go shopping. But when i was in H&M, hands full of clothes i wanted to try on, man came and told the shop will be closed :/ Damn. Basically all the shops were closed at 6pm. It means i didnt get chance to buy anything. And we still had so much time till our way back to Estonia. It was raining out side so we didnt want to go for a walk. We just bought ice-cream(Dumble- my fav!) and chocolate candies. We were in the car, joking and filming and taking pix. Fun family time!haha(:
We arrived home at 1:15am. I slept the whole way back to Kohila from Tallinn. I was really tired.
Today i woke up 10am i think. I had breakfast and went to Tallinn to the shops with dad and sis. I needed a dress for my sister's graduation. I got really cute one. I think i'll wear it at my older sister's wedding too(:
Back at home, i cleaned my room, worked out a bit and now im listening to music with my headphones..veryyy loud coz my sister is listening to Miley's new album that got leaked to the net. I refuse listening to it until the CD is officially relised. I actually would want to wait till i get the CD on my own, but it'll take a bit longer time coz we dont have it i asked my friend to send it to me from usa. I cannot wait to hold it!haha=) I think i cant wait so long, so i'll listen to the songs on youtube when the cd is officially out.

Im going to eat now, we are having BBQ!=)

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