Wednesday, June 23, 2010


It's past midnight and im SO tired. I would be sleeping long ago already, but im waiting for mom's call to let me know i can go and pick her&dad up. They went out dancing.. and they both had had some alcohol so i must be their driver:/ It's okay. But im tired and i wanna sleep!!!!
So, i decided to come to post a blog.
We celebrated Jaan's Day today. it was so fun!
Well, in the morning we went to the fair, later i mowed lawn, played frisbee with dad. Then we had a BBQ, i went to the sauna, after that i played football with dad. We also made a bonfire and grilled cheese and Gerogia's bread xD
The weather was amazingg. I sunbathed today a lot. It was sunny, hot and NO cloud in the sky. Seriously, we had such a beautiful blue sky. Love it<3

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