Tuesday, June 29, 2010


As i said in my last blog, my parents were supposed to leave to the country-side and so i would have been home alone with my younger sis. But plans changed. It all started yesterday late night when we noticed that our cat Muffin is still sick. Her eyes were weird and she just wasnt herself. So, today morning dad called to the vet and her only free time was at 3pm. So, the trip to countryside was cancelled. But does that mean Muffin got to go to the vet? No, coz she didnt show up. She didnt come home. And she still hasnt come. I really hope she'll show up soon. But its too late to go to the vet now i think. Maybe tomorrow morning then?! Well, at first Muffin must come home!
I spent my whole day in the garden again. It was sooo sunny and 26 C degrees. So perfect weather=) I was sunbathing and when it was too hot i jumped to the pool to cool down. Then i was sunbathing again..and so on. :) We also had lunch outside, had a bbq. Sunny weather makes me so happy! I love being in the sun. I dont even wanna come to the net:D But about 8pm its good to come inside and hung out on the net a bit b4 going to bed.
Im gonna have a peppermint tea soon and then i'll watch a movie "16 wishes" with my sis Anni.
Tomorrow im gonna be home alone with her. It's gonna be fun i think=) Im planning to watch all Hannah Montana episodes that i have missed. Haha! It's been forever since i watched these.
Im super pumped becoz of my sister's bachelorette party! She's NO idea what we are planning for that day! I cannot wait=)

haha. mom playing racket with dad=)


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