Saturday, June 5, 2010

ice-creamy day!

I had so much fun yesterday with my lil cousin yesterday. After my younger sis went to bed, me and my cousin sat on my bed and we were talking so much..Then 1,5 hours later i told we should go to bed. It was 1am then. She insisted that i left her lights on and she also wanted to listen some stories from the internet. Though we didnt sleep in the same room, the door was open so i saw the light too and heard the story:/ Couldnt sleep like that! So, i took my sleeping eyebads and iPod. I listened to Demi's album Here We Go Again. It made me think of last summer! Aww, i loved it<3
But i still couldnt fall asleep. So, at 2am i went to check my cosuin and thank god she was alseep. So i turned the computer and lights off. Silence!yay! So, i fell asleep instantly(:
In the morning the alarm rang 9:30am. It's Saturday. No Grey's Anatomy in the morning today :(
I had breakfast, checked my mail and then my cousin wanted me to go to the food shop with her! We bought ice-cream..and on our way back we went to her place..and she wanted to make me a banana cocktail..with ice-cream:/ Actually it was really yummie, but im really full of ice-cream now.
Im going to workout and dance now, and then we'll have a BBQ later.

My sis came home and she said exam was pretty hard. But let's still hope for the best!=)

PS! Ash is looking for an assistant for THOM... Im gonna try to canditate for it. haha. At least then my time in the summer would be planned. But at the same time i think i have such a little chance to win it coz i don't know so much about Miley. I love her music, i love her acting skills, i love her style, but mostly i love her personality. She's sweet, she's loyal, she's funny. And it seems to me that she's not scared of others opinions so much..i mean she's really herself! And im always looking up to her!
But i doubt i know so much about her life.. Okay, i know her boyfriend's name..If she's still with I dont even know her fav movie, or a song..
And i dont feel like i have to know her..coz she's private life too. If she would tell me that, i'd love to know. But im definitely now gonna search for it.
Donno why im even writing about it. I guess im just thinking out loud..or written down..

Okay, i better start dancing Eurovision Flash Mob Dance now:D LOVEEE it<3

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