Thursday, June 17, 2010

back at home

Im back at home. I had super fantastic time with my friends in Tartu. Gosh, they make me sooo happppy=) We had so much fun! Love everything about yesterday!!!
We really joked so much and took loads of pix! Everything was rly cool!=) And i already miss them...Cannot wait to see them again.
I'll put here some pix we took.. Most of them are like tourist one.haha. Gerli was showing us around..It was fun=D

These are one of the nicest pix. I mean we were behaving in these pix. But most of the pix we took are crazyyy:D haha, we were joking SO much!

I'll never forget that amazingly fun day&night with my girls=)

Today me and Jaana woke up 5:30am to catch a train back to Tallinn. Thank God train was so empty and we both got to lay on the seats and sleep. It was so good and cozy(: We were 9am in Tallinn. I went to the supermarket to buy a breakfast. After that i went to the job interview.
I really liked there. They were sooo nice=) And on Tuesday i'll have a trial day. Hope i'll like it and that everything will go well;)

I still don't know anything sure about Finland's job. I would like it coz the salary is good there. But at the same time i'd like to do that job im going to try on Tuesday.
I bet i'll see how it all turns out. I just gotta wait and see :P


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