Sunday, June 13, 2010

i LOVE books

I found this AMAZING online bookstore where you can buy second-handed and new books with such a low price.

This is the website:

Like every online store it has a shipping cost too. But it's not that much.
Well, i found 5 books that i really want. And they'll go cost with the shipping only $35. It's not that much. One book by $7 dollars. I donno how's there, but in my country you can never buy such a good book with such a little price. So im amazed.

I just love reading. I love English language. Gosh, thinking about it makes me so happy=)

I cannot wait to order these 5 books:

As you can see i love books written by Nicholas Sparks. He's my totally fav book author. He's simply amazing. I really admire his work!
My second fav author is probably Cecelia Ahern. Her books are really unique!


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