Sunday, June 27, 2010


Okay, yesterday was AWESOME!
Weather was great so we decided to go to Pärnu. First we went to mall there coz dad needed new swimming shorts. Then we were so hungry that we had a lunch at Chopstick. My fav asian restaurant(:
Tummies full, we went to the beach. Omg, the sea water was SO warm. I swam and swam and swam and didnt wanna come out. Unfortunately, mom and Anni didnt find the water so warm, so they didnt swim much. But me and dad lived in the sea. haha=) I reallllly love swimming. But of course i laid on the towel too and sunbathed!=)
There were HansaDays in Pärnu. And so there were lots of fairs and shows. There was two long streets full of veryy old cars. You can imagine how much time my dad spent there. haha=D
Anywho, after the beach we went to the SPA=) It's our fav! There are lots of different pools and saunas. My fav is bubble pool and also hot pool(the water is so hot there that at first u just jump back if ur toes touch the water..but it takes some time to get use to this hotness:P)
And sure there was a regular swimming pool too. I taught my lil sis to swim. She's a pro now :D haha
Well, we had fantastic time there! Mom, dad, Anni and me.
After 3 hrs in the SPA we went to the fair and had a dinner there. Dad also bought us the bigggest ice-cream i have ever had in my life!!!
Then we just walked around. We also bought huge pot of honey(LOVE<3),>. Oh, we also bought smoked almonds, but i didnt like them much:P
Anyway, we arrived back home at 10pm. So, we had a long and super fun day! I really enjoyed it!<3

Today we are going to grandpa's birthday. It's gonna be fun day again!=)


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