Thursday, June 3, 2010


New day=) Today's been pretty normal. Go figure!
Thankfully it's been such a wonderful weather, so i was in the garden the majority of my day! And of course i got bitten by bugs:/:/ Not nice!
I read The Last Song a bit and then i danced Eurovision Flash Mob Dance!OH BOY, i just LOVE it<3
I started learning it yesterday, but the last part(4th) was really hard and i gave up. But today i had dancing mood again and this time i took the challenge and rocked it! 4th part wasn't that hard after all. So, now i know the entire dance and i can keep dancing it every day for the rest of my life. HA HA!xD

Today i realized that im totally obsessed with The City and Grey's Anatomy. It's like my new tradition to watch Gery's Anatomy every morning at 10:25am from FoxLife.

And The City just rocks my socks!It's just so awesome. I'm so happy for Whitney's success! Her clothing line is eh-amazing! About Roxy..oh, she's ROXY! Love her i-dont-care-the-hell-out-of-it attitude! And she's such a supportive friend for Whitney! They are realllly awesome&fun!=)

And both of theirs style is just so cool! LOVE<3

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