Tuesday, June 22, 2010

every rose has its thorn

Quite much has happened.
My sister graduated 9th grade yesterday. I'm so proud of her! We had so fun party yesterday. I went to bed quite early tho(1am) coz i had to wake up 6am.
I went to Tallinn to work in Old Town. I had to sell books to tourists. It was really fun. I met so many amazing people.
My fav were two Canadians women. We talked for so long. They very very friendly and so so nice. We even talked about Justin Bieber coz he's from Canada. Lol.
Well, my another fav tourists were Mexican. When they told they are from Mexico i was like WOOWW so cool! I told them my best friend lives there. And then they asked where and so on.. They were so sweet!
One Spanish girl was very nice too! And oh, actually most of the people i met today were very very nice!
But i didn't take that job. I mean i had trial day today and i got the job, but i told i dont want coz i found it not fun to always smile and jump in front of tourists to make them buy the book. I find it rude. They should enjoy Old Town and now always deal with annoying book and postcards sellers. So, i basically didn't take the job becoz of all the nice tourists i met today. They deserve better!(:
I really enjoyed talking English and meeting new people today. But it was also tiring...i had to walk around 6 hours and carry a heavy bag full of tourists books:/
But im glad that i got so unique and intersting experience. Big thank to all the tourists i met today!!!!=)

I got back home with mom&dad today. They were in Tallinn when my work ended. I was SO hungry. Thank God i had my fav Mexican Salsa nuts with me..and dad had bought me a huge ice-cream. When we arrived home, first thing i did was had lunch!=D
And ever since i got home i've been so tired..my legs and back are hurting. Im too weak i guess. haha!
Anyway, im so glad i can sleep as long as i want this night. =) Only 10:20am is Gray's Anatomy. But i'll be up by that time anyway!=)


PS! I just realized i joined Twitter on 28th March 2009 (451 days ago!). I should start celebrating My 1st tweet's bday on 28th March =P

By the way, Razan made me really happy yesterday. I was pretty nervous about today's job. But she calmed me down. Thanks for believing in me, sweetie(:

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