Friday, June 4, 2010

don't take it granted..

I had a really good day! I helped out at one rly awesome dance-show! It was a long day, but passed by so quickly. And i totally enjoyed it!=)
This day made me realized once again that i really love children and i made a right decision when i went to Tallinn university to become a primary school teacher! Children are so fun, and i love teaching and helping them!!!=)
But today i didn't have to teach anything. Just to help them and make sure they were behaving good. They even called me a teacher :D aww!
One girl came in crying..she didn't talk to anybody, but when we were alone, i managed to calm her down and then she told me why she was crying.. and together we resolved a problem :)
Then just before one group had to go to the stage on lil girl came to me and told she peed in her pants by accident. I guess she was too nervous becoz of the big stage.. But i calmed her down and told her to go on stage and act like nothing happened..She was unsure, but i promised no-one will even notice her wet shirt! And so it all went well! She danced really well and no-one saw anything. Just as i thought!
And then one girl cried coz another girl hit her:/
In the end one girl lost her cellphone :|
So, there happened quite much! But i totally enjoyed it all. And then the last the most powerful dance was, we ran to the concert room to watch it too. All the other dances we watched on the stage..coz we were helping and telling when which group must go..
Fun, fun, and once again, FUN!=D

Car drive home was funny too. My co-worker/helper Maarja had to pic one woman up from the airport. She came from London and whole way home this woman told her crazy adventures in London. Gosh! I was laughing like crazy!haha(:

When i arrived home a movie about Estonia's ship catastrophe started on tv. There was a new movie about it. So, i watched with it my family. So crazy and horrible. I feel so sorry for all the ones who lost their life on that boat that night. And for all the one who knew someone who died on the boat. And for the one who had to live through this horror. These few who managed to save their lives are really lucky!
This reminded me once again that we shouldn't take life granted. We should every day and everything we have!=)

Good night!

PS! I wish all the world's luck for my lil sis tomorrow who's gonna take an Estonian exam tomorrow! If it was in my power i would give her my writing skills. But i believe in her and i know she'll give her best!
Good luck, Sis(:

"People say nothing is impossible, but I do nothing every day."

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