Friday, June 25, 2010


Today is 3 years since my very sweet and amazing dog Ronni Ronza Ronja died.
Though time has passed by, she's still in my thoughts and in my heart. That will never change! She wasn't just a dog for me. She was my best friend. Every time i came home she was waiting for me, so so happy. I loved playing with her. I loved hugging her. I loved talking to her. She knew me more than any person ever could.
I'm so thankful for Dave Benton who told in her concert once that it's important to let know how much we love ppl around us. Since that day i told every day to Ronni howw much i loved her. I seriously told that all the time. Mom sometimes asked why i kept saying that, but i felt a need for that. And now im glad i did because i can be sure Ronni knew how special she was for me and how MUCH i cared for her. She was my princess!!!
I liked to call her in many names. Rotu, printsess, inglike, Ronja, Ronaldo, Ronza, Ronnu, Sannu butterfly..and so on. I gave her many nicknames coz she deserved them! She was so special dog. She loved our cats. She was like a mom for them.
And she LOVEDD playing with her lil bear-toy. We used to play bear football(: So good old times!
Though it's been 3 years i remember her so well, i remember her softness, her constant happiness. I even remember how i came home from school every day, she was so happy, but i always wanted to sing a song in front of the mirror when i get home. And she always waited till i finished and then we started playing. It was our own little tradition!=)

I wrote a short poem in honer of Ronni:

I begged you to stay

But your gone

I begged you to stay

So we could play in the sun

I begged you to stay

And be with me

I begged you to stay

And i believed

You could stay

Cause i prayed

It was my biggest wish

Not to have you to miss.

IMTF = in my thoughts forever!

Ronni, ma igatsen sind!

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