Sunday, June 27, 2010


Mom just gave me the first strawberries from our garden. So delicious. I love everything that's from our garden. I cannot wait till peas, raspberries, apples, pears, plumbs and other stuff gets ready. I'll live in the garden then. xD

Anyway, we went to grandpa's birthday today. It was very fun. My cousin Steina-Marta was there too. Gosh, she's so funny. She's always saying her biggest dream is to be me and my sisters' sister. But we are cousins. At least we are related somehow ;)
We took loads of pix, but i don't have them all. Here is one of me&mom!

When i came home it made me so happy to see my two fav girls' wallposts[cheers to Sharon and Shawny!]haha=D Love them so much<3 We are all S girls. Sharon, Shawny, Sandra ;)

Oh, today i had to drive home from grandpa's and when i was driving past Airport i wished i could go on a plane instead! I so wanna see Sharon. it's been too long since we last saw each other:/ TOO long! Yesterday in Pärnu all i wished for was that she was there too! I miss her so much! I truly hope we can come up with a perfect solution for both of us how we can meet! I miss her a lot. And so does my fam. They keep asking me about her like every day:D So cute i think(:

What is friendship? Not only a word but a relationship that cannot be completely defined by words alone.

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