Monday, June 7, 2010


Oh, i just finished writing "my story" to Miley and Ash. It's kinda hard to write about myself...coz if i start, i can't stop. And the last thing i want is to bore them. :P But now it's done.

Hm, i did some online shopping earlier. Well, more like a looking. I didn't actually buy anything coz the shops i love doesn't deliver anything to Estonia:/ It sucks! Big time! But i still love looking. I found a tank that i really love.

I love it coz i reallly love L.A. As i wrote in one of my earlier blogs it's my dream to go to L.A one day! I can't wait till it actually happens =)

I went to Rapla with my sis today. And finally i got a right adapter for my videocam. yay! Finally. It's charging right now. I can't wait to film something tomorrow.

Im going to watch The Cutting Edge 3 with my lil sis soon i think. if not tonight, then tomorrow.
I'll go to Tallinn with Marina tomorrow. Girls Day Out<3 I can't wait to see The Last Song again! Im so excited =D

I found that quote, and for some reason i really like it:

When God leads you to the edge of the cliff, trust Him fully and let go. Because only one of the two will happen: either He will catch you when you fall or teach you how to fly.

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