Tuesday, June 15, 2010

You've got to seize the opportunity if it is presented to you.

Today morning i opened my eyes at first at 9am. Obviously too early to wake up. But what i realized was that i wasnt feeling sick anymore!Very positive!
Next time i opened my eyes was at 10:30am when i got a phone call. The screen showed caller number, but i didn't know who it was, when i answered i tried not to sound too sleepy[but i kinda failed; my voice was awful.] I was so embarred.haha. Well, it was one woman calling me coz i once sent them a CV. It was when i was in May when i was looking for a summer job. She asked if i had a job yet and if i could like to go to a job interview. I automatically said yes, and we arranged the meeting for Thursday. Although i've the lil job at ranch and i'll maybe go to work to Finland for a month, i still decided to go to that interview. I have nothing to loose. Like my mom says: Kõik läheb iseenestest paika, just nii nagu peab. (:
So, im trying to follow her advice and let's see what happens and how everything works out!

Don't be too timid and squeamish about your actions. All life is an experiment. -Ralph Waldo Emerson.

Anyway, tomorrow i'll go to Tartu with Jaana. We decided to go by bus instead of train. So, i can sleep longer tomorrow morning. In Tartu we'll meet Marina, Liis, Liisa and of course Gerli. Then we'll hung out, go Gerli's place, have a sauna and so on. At night it's a club time=)
And next morning back by bus. And then i'll go straight to the job interview:P

On Friday i'll go to Tallinn also. With mommy this time. We'll go to my cousin's graduation.
On Saturday we'll go to Finland with our fam. Dad is waiting for us in the harbor and we'll first go to Hyvinkää, that's where our apartment is. We'll probs go to some shops there, have a lunch and then back to Helsinki:D Real shopping time:) We'll come back to Estonia at night. Dad will come too coz his 2 weeks holiday starts. Yay! It kinda sucks that im maybe going to work in Finland while dad has 2 weeks off .. it means i cant go to SPA or camping with my fam.. But maybe they'll postpone it..
Right now nothing is sure. It's all so messed up. But i try to keep mom's words in my mind and now to worry about how things are going .. everything will turn out just as it has to!

Im gonna go to do manicure now. Pedicure is done. I haven't had pink toe nails for sooo long. haha:P

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