Thursday, June 24, 2010

So Fun!

Yesterday after my last blog, mom finally called and told me to go pick them up. And i did. On our way back home, a police officer stopped our car. He said it was a regular control and i had to blow into alcoholometer. It analyzed my breathe and told i was clear. Actually that day about 5 hrs earlier i drank a cocktail with alcohol in it, but only a bit, and i ate and drank water and juice after that a lot. Back at home i went to bed right away. I was so tired.

Today was super fun day! First of all, the weather ROCKED! It was sooo hot and sunny! I love it<3 We were sunbathing in the garden when mom got an idea to go to the beach. And so we did. Bought an ice-cream and drove to the beach. The sea water was soo good. Dad and i were like fishes on the sea. Gosh, i love swimming!!!! We also sunbathed a lot and took some pix. Then after few hours we decided to leave..but not home just yet. We went to the Keila Joa[Keila Falls]. It was so beautiful there. I love falls. We took pix there too. On our way back we bought ice-cream again and visited one cool yachts' harbour. We arrived home about an hour ago. We noticed that our cat Muffin is sick..or at least she's weird..and her eyes are very strange. We called to the vet and she's on her way here. Hope she can tell what's wrong with Muffin and make her well again!!!

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