Sunday, June 13, 2010

Lido's Potato Casserole=)

YummYummYumm! I love cooking. =)
Mom asked me to make a dinner. So, i made potato casserole. I made it the way they make it in Lido's[the best diner!]. Every time i eat out at Lido's i eat Potato Casserole. It's delicious!
And so i made the same at home today. It was easy and quite fast to make. And for the salad i made my family's fav spring/summer salad[i've posted a blog with that recipe before].

I'll write how to make my fav Lido's Potatoe Casserole!=)

whipped cream
minced meat

How to make:
Put a bit oil to the oven casserole and cut thin potato slices in that. Then add salt and pepper and immix so all the potatoes get a bit of salt.
Fry the minced meat and also add there special spice if you want. Now if that's ready, add it also to the casserole. Immix it with potatoes.

Now take a bowl and put there abt 500ml whipped cream[dont whip it tho!], add chopped garlic[put as much as you like]. Now add this cream to the casserole also. Softly jam it all and add more salt if needed. Now put the casserole to the oven, in 200C degrees for about 40min[but it depends, so check it!].

And if you feel its ready, add cheese slices and put it to a oven for a few minutes so the cheese can melt.

Take it out and enjoy the delicious dinner!=)

bon apettit

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