Tuesday, May 31, 2011

brithdayyy boyy=)

So, i have now more time to write about yesterday. Johannes arrived home about 5:45pm. I was still in the kitchen cooking. He took a shower and came to help me (a bit). Men! Anyway, first guests arrived 30 minutes early so i was still in the kitchen (and J wasn't much of a help:/). But never mind. We talked, laughed and finally all guest arrived and thankfully food was ready too! We had a nice nice nice birthday dinner. And we drank tequila. Even my mom and granny did. It was their first time! Haha :)

I also made a birthday cake for Johannes. He loved it! He told me that from now on i only i have to make him this cake and nothing else. What a sweetheart! I'm so happy he loved the cake:)

I'll put some photos here because sometimes photos speak more than words ;)

Monday, May 30, 2011

J's 22th bday

I decided not to be too harsh. There's no reason to be mad or act disappointed. I know my J too well. I must be the one who makes everything okay again. So, we met on Sunday in Tallinn and came to Kohila. What did we do? Hmm, we slept most of the time. I don't know why but we both were so tired. So, after that we watched a movie The Island. When it was midnight, Anni and I sang a birthday song for J. More than one song actually. haha. Movie ended at 1am. We went to bed. In the morning i woke up 6:15am, made little meat-pies for J and put candle on it. Mom, me and Anni woke him up with birthday song. We gave him presents, hugged and wished happy birthday :) Then he slept 2o more minutes and had to wake up to go to work. It was so good to wake up next to him on his birthday morning!!! I hope he has a very great day at work..it's still his birthday you know!
In the evening when he comes back we'll have a birthday dinner! I try to take photos too ;)


Happy 22th birthday, my dear Johannes! <3

Saturday, May 28, 2011


..that's why i hate it. Whenever you go out it ends like this. I hate it!!!!!!!!

Good night!

I spray your perfume on me and put your hoodie on. So it feels like you're with me. Just to keep you close.

I am watching "How to Deal". I feel like i need it.

Good night, my Prince.



Don't set your hopes too high 'cause they can be crashed down so easily.

I decide to stay quiet today. Maybe silence is what you need. So you can hear your own heart and thoughts. I hope they speak only good.

Even if you are mad (with no reasons) don't let it come into you. Don't make a mistake.



PS! I put up with it because i love you. I wait for you endlessly.


The worse thing you can do is to act you don't care.. Though i won't believe you, it still hurts. A lot. And i know that's what you want.
I won't cry, and even if i do, it's not because of you!

Sometimes your actions hurt yourself more than anybody else. You know it. Then why do you keep doing that?

MEN :/

with your tiny flaws

not my favorite Saturday

The smallest thing can change everything. I should know that. Sometimes it's better not to plan or hope for anything. Better let things go they way they must go.. then you won't get disappointed. And I've learned to live with some difficulties. And let people be. And wait for them to come around again.. Maybe if you are apart a bit you understand what you want. I know what i want.

Right now I am craving for strawberries and cherries. I want to celebrate. Just like i wanted yesterday. But not alone.

I better go to walk with my granny's dog. I need to clear my head out.


Friday, May 27, 2011

yay and cherries!

Just got my last exam result - B. Super happy. Now all the exams are done! And i didn't fail in any of them (never actually have). I told Johannes too. He said we must celebrate it! Whooee! He's gonna buy cherries, strawberries and wine. I like it!

amazing day!

O'boy. Yesterday was much cooler than i thought it would. I went to Tallinn to meet J after his work. We planned to go swimming to Kalev SPA. And we did. I hadn't swum for so long. So it was really great. Plus, there were 3 different chutes. First i was so scared to slide down. But Johannes encouraged me. So i did it. From all the 3 of them. They were all in different levels.. each one going higher. I was so brave! Haha, and o'boy i loved it! What a feeling. Total adrenaline. :D
After 1,5 hours at Kalev SPA we went to have a dinner at Vapiano. Johannes don't like that place much. He says the food is not so good. It's his opinion. I like it. But whatever. I don't really care where do we eat. it's sure now that we won't go to Vapiano anymore. Well, i hade tonno pizza. It was so huge i couldn't eat it all.
After that we had abt 1,5 hours till Hangover 2. Yup! Johannes wanted to go to watch it. It started 10:20pm. I was so tired. But it was really funny movie. When the movie ended we walked to Johannes' place. I love the fact that he lives in the middle of the city. You can walk home so quickly. I was so tired that i just fell asleep so quick...like a baby :)

I don't know how it sounds to you but i loved that day with Johannes. I had so much fun with him!!!

Thursday, May 26, 2011

mind reader!

P.S! I was craving for chocolate the whole day yesterday. When J came home he had bought me Snickers. Just what i needed. How did he know that??? :O
Lovely guy i have!

so much is going on..

There's so much going on. At least in my thoughts. But nothing sure yet. I even don't know what to hope for. I guess there's always some positive and negative sides in everything. So, that's why i am not hoping for any of it. I just let things go.. and what happens had to happen.
I know it's so confusing what i am saying. But i just can say nothing more. Not right now.

Changing the subject.

I woke up with J today at 7am. I walked him to the railway station, he took a train and i walked back. He's at his office by now. I am at home. I were on the net, read a magazine and had breakfast. I don't know what else to do. I am not used to that much freedom yet (but don't worry. I'll get used to it!). I will read a book a bit and then i'll take a walk to the food shop. I want to buy a bingo lottery ticket coz i forgot to buy it yesterday.
In the evening i'll go to Tallinn. J and i will go swimming after he finishes his job :) Can't wait. I haven't been on a pool for pretty long. Last time was in the summer some time i guess. I miss swimming. And i am totallllly looking forward to hot weather...so i can finally go to the beach! :) I like when there's something to look forward to! ;)


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

This is good!

Lately so much has happened. And thankfully only good things. I am so happy! I had so much fun at Practice Night. It was just so amazing to perform to all these people. I felt so good. Dancing is my real passion!
After the two concerts i went to J's place. It was my first time to sleep over there. I really liked it! Next morning we went to Mai Running Day. It was such a wonderful weather! J decided to run with me! That made the day even more special to me! That was Saturday. On Sunday we were just in Kohila at my place. We watched tv, take a walk and J cooked two dishes: for himself and for me :) And it was delicious. I got brown rice with vegetables. It was my own choice. A good one!
Well, i had an exam on Monday. It went pretty okay. After the exam i went to the movies with my friends. We watched "Water for Elephants". It was so sad and dramatic movie, but it had an happy ending. After the movies me and Jaana shopped a bit and then i met J. We went to the movies also. We watched "Pirates of the Caribbean 4" in A Le Coq suite. Wow! Neither of us had been there before. But since the movie was only shown at that suite at that time, we decided to check this suite out. It was nice. Soft and comfy couches and mini bar and stuff like that. But i must say it's not worth of the extra pay. It was about 3 times more expensive. But at least know we know how that suite looks like. And well, i still very enjoyed it!
After the movies we bought strawberry and wanted to catch a train, but we were running late. So we decided to stay over at J's place. But before we headed there we had a dinner at St. Patrick's. What a nice evening, isn't it? We arrived at J's about 11pm. And today the wake up was at 6am. J had to go to Finland. I took a train back home. Luckily he's coming back soon. He'll arrive to Tallinn any minute actually. And if he can make it, he'll catch the next train and come here :) Nice! mmm, i am hungry. I can smell something good downstairs. My mom is making that dish that Jamie Oliver did on his show. It's called asparagus and potatoes tart. Hopefully it's the same tasty as it smells!

After the first concert we took this photo outside

And now a little video of our performance. It's not a very good one, but better than nothing. Can you find me? :)

Thursday, May 19, 2011

so ready!

I am going to leave to the dance practice soon. Our last practice. Tomorrow we'll have a dress rehearsal at 12pm and then 6pm starts the first show and 8:30pm starts the next one. I am so ready for tomorrow. I finished my costume today and i already colored my nails black. I hope i have very very great time tomorrow! I totally wanna enjoy my dance group performance! Video-clip dancing rules! ;) Oh, did i tell you that Johannes is going to watch my performance too. He got the ticket in last minute. I am so glad he's coming tho it makes me a bit more nervous now. lol
Okay, i better change my clothes and leave to the dance practice. I cannot wait :)

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Hey, wake up. It takes you longer to get ready...go..". It was 6.25am in the morning. Nice. J woke me up. I got mad and jumped out of bed (i must admit this kind of waking up works well on me. lol). I got ready in 15 minutes. And i was back in the bedroom. He was still in the bed (lucky!). Well. Then we woke up too. And when we left the house we had to run almost the whole way to the railway station (or okay, walk really fast). On top of everything, i had 10 zillion books with me that i needed to bring back to the library. He offered his help ONCE at the beginning. But they didn't seem so heavy at that time. But sure he rushed and I rushed(coz we were in a rush - daa.). And then the books became heavier and heavier. But no help offered anymore :| I held my head high and didn't ask for one either. So, even tho it was killing me i managed to do just fine on my own. When we arrived to the railway station he told we've got 8 minutes till the train. UGH! That pissed me off. The whole way he walked so fast and told we are gonna be late. And then came out we were early. MEN! Anyway, but it was all kind of jokey and funny. Nothing serious. I wasn't really mad at him or anything. How could i? He's so adorable. Later he told me it was so funny to watch me.
Anyway, in Tallinn he went to work and i went to the library, then to buy a fabric for the dance performance costumes and in the end i managed to give my project and other home assignments to my teacher. And on top of it all, i was back in the railway station at 10:10am. And my train was about to leave 10:48am. So i had half an hour. Nice. I just walked around and then i sat down and read a book. I am currently reading Nicholas Sparks novel "A bend in the road". It's such a sweet and lovely book. Interesting. And funny! Oh yeah! I was reading it on the train too. And i just couldn't stop laughing. I was giggling all the time. The girl in front of me probably thought i was a bit crazy. But she should have read what i did. It was just hilarious :) I am totally enjoying this book. I can feel that university is almost over and i can enjoy reading without thinking that i should do something else (homework for example).
I am going back to Tallinn tonight. I have dance practice. Unfortunately J can't come home tonight. He's work is gonna end too late. No trains are coming here anymore at that time. I hope we can see each other on Wednesday then. Fingers crossed!
Okay, i will study for the upcoming exam now. Wish me luck!

Monday, May 16, 2011

to sum up...

University is almost over for this school year. Well, today i had to go to art and craft class to talk about my project. Anyway, didn't get much positive feedback so that sucked. And i planned to print my other home assignments and give these to my teacher, but the printer was stupid and then when i finally got everything printed out the teacher wasnt in her office so i couldnt give her anything :/ I was so done my that time. I saw that it's not a good day for me. So i came back home (tho i should have gone to buy some fabric for our dance performance costumes). I'll do it tomorrow.
Other than that everything is good. Uni is almost over but at the same time i still dont have the right feeling. I just want to give all my paper works to my teacher. And on Monday there's the last exam. I need to study for it. I hope it's an easy one.
Anyway, everything else besides uni is very great! I had such a wonderful day with Johannes yesterday. I truly enjoyed every second of it. I love him with all my heart!
On Friday, 13th was our 9 months anniversary :) 9 months already. I cannot believe it! I have had my Prince with me for 9 beautiful and very special months! I seriously can't imagine my life without it. He's my everything!

PS! J's birthday is coming up soon. I bought him a present today. I hope he'll like it :)

Sunday, May 8, 2011

Elu armastuseta pole elu, vaid olemine. Ilma armastuseta pole võimalik elada, inimesele on hing antud selleks, et armastada – M. Gorki.

Mother's Day!

It's Mother's Day today! I am not a mother yet, but i have a very wonderful and special mom! In the morning my older sis came here and we finished decorating the cake, then i woke up my younger sis and we took gifts and went to mom's room to wake her up! Like always, she was faking to be asleep. Haha :) We gave all the gifts, hugs and she ate a piece of the cake in her bed. Then we all had a breakfast together. Such a sweet morning :) I love Mother's Days. I can't wait till one day i can be a mother and my child is waking me up and wishing me happy mother's day! Would be wonderful!

This painting always reminds me of the story of how i got my name. Mom said that when she was pregnant she and dad were walking at the beach. There was this little girl who was running toward the sea.. her dad was running after her and crying: "Sandra, come back..Don't go." And when my mom heard that name and saw this situation she thought that she wants to name her daughter Sandra :) And here i am!

Saturday, May 7, 2011

Life is short

This is your life. Do what you love. And do it often.
If you don't like something, change it.
If you don't like your job, quit.

If you are looking for the love of your life, stop!
They will be waiting for you when you
start doing things you love.

Stop analyzing. Life is simple.
When you eat appreciate every last bite.

Open your mind, arms and heart to new things
and people, we are united in our differences.
Ask the next person you see what their passion is
and share your inspiring dream with them.

Travel often. Getting lost will help you find yourself.
Some opportunities only come once, seize them.

Life is about the people you meet, and
the things you create with them.
So go out and start creating.

Life is short. Life your dream and wear your passion.


I think it's true that we learn every day. From others, from our experiences, from different situations. That's what i learned today:

And i try not to forget it. We all have our lives.
I know what makes me happy, why to mess with it?! So, i better control myself.

Something about you makes me feel like I'm flying

Thursday, May 5, 2011


J took this photo in Germany. It was painted on a wall of a music shop. Surprising!


Omg, i am such a chocoholic. J bought me 4 king size Marabou chocolates from Finland. Yummie! I seriously love chocolate. And J obviously knows that. He knows how to make his gf happy. Lol.
J went to work today morning and i wasnt tired after that so i took my laptop to my bed and did some uni stuff. A bit time ago i had a fantastic breakfast that my honey bought me: shrimp wrap. Delicious!
Today i am planning to do as much uni stuff as possible. On Tuesday i have exam in art. And I've million other things to do.
There's Mother's Day on Sunday. So i gotta finish mom's gift! I'll take photos of it later.
J and i will have our 9 months anniversary on 13th may. I'm making sth for him too!:)

I am just talking to my friend Sweta. She's planning to send me a lil package from India. Isn't that awesome? India. Wow! There's something magical about this country! I will definitely send her package from Estonian goodies too! :)

Anyway, i noticed that both of my Hilary Duff perfumes ("With love" and "Wrapped with love") are running out:( Bottles are almost empty. So sad. They are not selling these here anymore. Mega sad! "With love" might be found from some shop maybe, but "Wrapped with love" is definitely sold out. =(
I found them from ebay but the shipping costs like 3 times more than the perfume itself :/
But i ordered a cellphone case for my new phone :) Can't wait to get it!!!

PS! I am happy :)

Sunday, May 1, 2011

love is love

Days have passed by and so much has happened. It's May already. I am lovin' it. I love the fact that i've been with J for so long.. nothing can come between us. We'll celebrate our 9 months anniversary on 13th May. How awesome is that? :)
I can't wait till uni is over for this year. I am just to tired of studying. I had a rly hard exam on Wednesday. It didn't go well at all :( But honestly, right now all i want is all my exams to be over. I want to rest and relax. I might go to Finland this summer to work for my uncle again. This means i can be with J :)
The other night J and I had such a romantic night. I loved it!!!!!!!! He just makes me the most happiest girl ever! I am so lucky! =)