Monday, May 30, 2011

J's 22th bday

I decided not to be too harsh. There's no reason to be mad or act disappointed. I know my J too well. I must be the one who makes everything okay again. So, we met on Sunday in Tallinn and came to Kohila. What did we do? Hmm, we slept most of the time. I don't know why but we both were so tired. So, after that we watched a movie The Island. When it was midnight, Anni and I sang a birthday song for J. More than one song actually. haha. Movie ended at 1am. We went to bed. In the morning i woke up 6:15am, made little meat-pies for J and put candle on it. Mom, me and Anni woke him up with birthday song. We gave him presents, hugged and wished happy birthday :) Then he slept 2o more minutes and had to wake up to go to work. It was so good to wake up next to him on his birthday morning!!! I hope he has a very great day at's still his birthday you know!
In the evening when he comes back we'll have a birthday dinner! I try to take photos too ;)


Happy 22th birthday, my dear Johannes! <3

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