Thursday, May 5, 2011


Omg, i am such a chocoholic. J bought me 4 king size Marabou chocolates from Finland. Yummie! I seriously love chocolate. And J obviously knows that. He knows how to make his gf happy. Lol.
J went to work today morning and i wasnt tired after that so i took my laptop to my bed and did some uni stuff. A bit time ago i had a fantastic breakfast that my honey bought me: shrimp wrap. Delicious!
Today i am planning to do as much uni stuff as possible. On Tuesday i have exam in art. And I've million other things to do.
There's Mother's Day on Sunday. So i gotta finish mom's gift! I'll take photos of it later.
J and i will have our 9 months anniversary on 13th may. I'm making sth for him too!:)

I am just talking to my friend Sweta. She's planning to send me a lil package from India. Isn't that awesome? India. Wow! There's something magical about this country! I will definitely send her package from Estonian goodies too! :)

Anyway, i noticed that both of my Hilary Duff perfumes ("With love" and "Wrapped with love") are running out:( Bottles are almost empty. So sad. They are not selling these here anymore. Mega sad! "With love" might be found from some shop maybe, but "Wrapped with love" is definitely sold out. =(
I found them from ebay but the shipping costs like 3 times more than the perfume itself :/
But i ordered a cellphone case for my new phone :) Can't wait to get it!!!

PS! I am happy :)

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