Friday, May 27, 2011

amazing day!

O'boy. Yesterday was much cooler than i thought it would. I went to Tallinn to meet J after his work. We planned to go swimming to Kalev SPA. And we did. I hadn't swum for so long. So it was really great. Plus, there were 3 different chutes. First i was so scared to slide down. But Johannes encouraged me. So i did it. From all the 3 of them. They were all in different levels.. each one going higher. I was so brave! Haha, and o'boy i loved it! What a feeling. Total adrenaline. :D
After 1,5 hours at Kalev SPA we went to have a dinner at Vapiano. Johannes don't like that place much. He says the food is not so good. It's his opinion. I like it. But whatever. I don't really care where do we eat. it's sure now that we won't go to Vapiano anymore. Well, i hade tonno pizza. It was so huge i couldn't eat it all.
After that we had abt 1,5 hours till Hangover 2. Yup! Johannes wanted to go to watch it. It started 10:20pm. I was so tired. But it was really funny movie. When the movie ended we walked to Johannes' place. I love the fact that he lives in the middle of the city. You can walk home so quickly. I was so tired that i just fell asleep so a baby :)

I don't know how it sounds to you but i loved that day with Johannes. I had so much fun with him!!!

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