Sunday, May 1, 2011

love is love

Days have passed by and so much has happened. It's May already. I am lovin' it. I love the fact that i've been with J for so long.. nothing can come between us. We'll celebrate our 9 months anniversary on 13th May. How awesome is that? :)
I can't wait till uni is over for this year. I am just to tired of studying. I had a rly hard exam on Wednesday. It didn't go well at all :( But honestly, right now all i want is all my exams to be over. I want to rest and relax. I might go to Finland this summer to work for my uncle again. This means i can be with J :)
The other night J and I had such a romantic night. I loved it!!!!!!!! He just makes me the most happiest girl ever! I am so lucky! =)

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