Thursday, May 26, 2011

so much is going on..

There's so much going on. At least in my thoughts. But nothing sure yet. I even don't know what to hope for. I guess there's always some positive and negative sides in everything. So, that's why i am not hoping for any of it. I just let things go.. and what happens had to happen.
I know it's so confusing what i am saying. But i just can say nothing more. Not right now.

Changing the subject.

I woke up with J today at 7am. I walked him to the railway station, he took a train and i walked back. He's at his office by now. I am at home. I were on the net, read a magazine and had breakfast. I don't know what else to do. I am not used to that much freedom yet (but don't worry. I'll get used to it!). I will read a book a bit and then i'll take a walk to the food shop. I want to buy a bingo lottery ticket coz i forgot to buy it yesterday.
In the evening i'll go to Tallinn. J and i will go swimming after he finishes his job :) Can't wait. I haven't been on a pool for pretty long. Last time was in the summer some time i guess. I miss swimming. And i am totallllly looking forward to hot i can finally go to the beach! :) I like when there's something to look forward to! ;)


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