Tuesday, May 17, 2011


"Hey, wake up. It takes you longer to get ready...go..". It was 6.25am in the morning. Nice. J woke me up. I got mad and jumped out of bed (i must admit this kind of waking up works well on me. lol). I got ready in 15 minutes. And i was back in the bedroom. He was still in the bed (lucky!). Well. Then we woke up too. And when we left the house we had to run almost the whole way to the railway station (or okay, walk really fast). On top of everything, i had 10 zillion books with me that i needed to bring back to the library. He offered his help ONCE at the beginning. But they didn't seem so heavy at that time. But sure he rushed and I rushed(coz we were in a rush - daa.). And then the books became heavier and heavier. But no help offered anymore :| I held my head high and didn't ask for one either. So, even tho it was killing me i managed to do just fine on my own. When we arrived to the railway station he told we've got 8 minutes till the train. UGH! That pissed me off. The whole way he walked so fast and told we are gonna be late. And then came out we were early. MEN! Anyway, but it was all kind of jokey and funny. Nothing serious. I wasn't really mad at him or anything. How could i? He's so adorable. Later he told me it was so funny to watch me.
Anyway, in Tallinn he went to work and i went to the library, then to buy a fabric for the dance performance costumes and in the end i managed to give my project and other home assignments to my teacher. And on top of it all, i was back in the railway station at 10:10am. And my train was about to leave 10:48am. So i had half an hour. Nice. I just walked around and then i sat down and read a book. I am currently reading Nicholas Sparks novel "A bend in the road". It's such a sweet and lovely book. Interesting. And funny! Oh yeah! I was reading it on the train too. And i just couldn't stop laughing. I was giggling all the time. The girl in front of me probably thought i was a bit crazy. But she should have read what i did. It was just hilarious :) I am totally enjoying this book. I can feel that university is almost over and i can enjoy reading without thinking that i should do something else (homework for example).
I am going back to Tallinn tonight. I have dance practice. Unfortunately J can't come home tonight. He's work is gonna end too late. No trains are coming here anymore at that time. I hope we can see each other on Wednesday then. Fingers crossed!
Okay, i will study for the upcoming exam now. Wish me luck!

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