Tuesday, January 15, 2013

what I managed to do in autumn

At the end of Ocotober I wrote an autumn list..things I wanted to do in autumn. It's already winter (since 21st Dec) and I think it's the last time to check what I managed to get done.. and some time this week I will write a to-do list for winter!

I want to do:
  • drink hot chai latte - DONE (didn't like it at all!)
  • succeed as a teacher (have an intrernship coming!) - DONE (internship was fun and went very well!)
  • burn a lot of scented candles - DONE
  • cook a lot! - HALF DONE (could have been cooked more)
  • bake a blueberry-banana cake - NOPE (totally forget about it:/)
  • enjoy dark days as much as possible - DONE (I did! I burnt candles and listened to music!)
  • have a bowl of Ben&Jerry's New York Chunky flavor!!! DONE
  • spend awesome time with Jay - DONE (I had an amazing time with him whole autumn long!)
  • go to movies to see the last 2nd part of "Breaking Dawn" - DONE (I really liked it!)
  • read Cecelia Ahern's new book - DONE (I ordered it, read it and loved it!)
  • do all the Christmas shopping (so I wouldn't have to deal with it in December!) - HALF DONE (I always get new ideas just right before Christmas, so I had to do some more shopping)
  • celebrate 13th of November with Jay - DONE (was such a wonderful day!)
  • go to a restaurant for a romantic dinner! - DONE (we had such a lovely time!)
  • be well and healthy! (not getting cold anymore!!!) - HALF DONE
  • have a shoulder haircut?! (still deciding to do or not to do that) - DONE!!! (can't believe I actually did it. Lol. But I will let them grow them long again)
  • drink fresh smoothies for breakfast - NOPE (I had them usually after dinner time!)
  • have fun and my dad's 50th birthday! - DONE (it was very fun!)
  • clean windows :/ (it needs to be done before winter!) - NOPE (decided to do that in spring)
I am pretty happy with myself. My autumn was pretty sucessful and I got to do and enjoy the things I wanted! It's actually pretty hard to write to-do list for such a short yet such a long period of time. I might start thinking what I want to manage to do in the winter. There are few things, but I feel it's much easier to write some resolutions or wishes for the whole year (like I did in one of my previous blog posts).

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