Sunday, January 13, 2013

how sweet!

Last night when I was in bed already I was just thinking that the time has passed so quickly. Especially in January. And then I found myself from the thought that it's already 13th January (it was after midnight!). So, I sent a text message to Jay and wished him happy 2 years and 5 months anniversary! Actually it's also 1 year since we got engaged! It was so good to go to sleep with such a nice toughts.
In the morning I heard when Jay came from work (he had a nigth shift). He went to the kitchen to eat and so I decided to wake up and go there too. When I entered the kitchen he hugged me and gave me package of chocolate cupcakes, Toffifee candy box and Fazer chocolate! He's so sweet! He wanted to buy me little treats for our anniversary and he went to the foodshop early in the morning. He said it took him 1,5 hours longer to arrive home because the foodshop was pretty far (he went to the gas station foodshop because everything else was closed that early in the Sunday morning).  He is just the sweetest guy ever! We had a nice breakfast together. I love my fiance! He's totally spoiling me with all the sweets! But in a good way! :)
Such a nice surprise in the morning!

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