Monday, December 31, 2012

2013 is knocking on a door

I am sitting here with my laptop and Jay is still sleeping. It's 7pm already. He had a nightshift and when he came home in the morning we watched tv and then we went to the foodshop to buy some things for our New Years Eve dinner. The potatoes are boiling right now and when Jay wakes up he'll put the kitchen to the oven. I will make some fancy snacks and then we are pretty much good to go :)
It's nice to spend this year the New Years Even together and just quietly. Last two years we have been at my sister's place with lots of people. It's refreshing to start a New Year together, just the two of us.
We have our fireworks and when the clock hits the midnight then we will go outside and fly our fireworks to the sky. Actually some near by folks have been flying their fireworks up to the sky for last an hour. Maybe they are from some of the east countries where it's already midnight and they like to celebrate their father's land New Year start. Who knows. All I know is that we have got 5 more hours timm midnight.
My stomach has been giving me a hard time today. I wonder if it's because I am so excited about the New Year or I just ate something bad. I hope it gets better soon!
I just wanted to watch back to the last year and cheerish the moments that made my year more happier and exciting. First of all, Jay, my love. Without him my life wouldn't be what it is now. And I owe him a lot. Mostly because of how much he loves me and cares of me. It's impossible to put into words how much I love my faince! He's my everything and I love sharing my life with him!!!
Secondly, my family. Mom and dad always make me feel like a little girl eventhough I am already 22 y.o. But I am always their little daughter. I am so grateful that they raised me so well. I really think I am raised well. I am independet, but I always know my parents are there for me. I have certain beliefs and moral etics and I think they are part thanks for my parents and my whole family! The most grateful I am for my sisters. I am sooo lucky that I wasn't raised as an only child. I love my sisters so much and I am so glad we get a long so well. When I was younger I always hated being the middle child, but now I think it's so great that I have a younger and older sister because I have so much in common with both of them...because I am like in halfway to both of them. My older sis and I can talk more about the grown up things, about the hobbies and likes we share. With my younger sis I can talk to more childish/teenager stuff. We talk about music, celebrites, fashion stuff, movies and tv shows and so on. I have so many good memories with both of them and it's always so fun to talk about these and laugh! :)
I also can't leave out my pets - I love Bonnie, Muffin, Tikker and Chuck. They are all so important to me. Even though I don't see them so often I always keep them in my heart and in my thoughts :)
2012 had its ups and downs. Like any other year! But overall it was a great year with lots of laughter. I got ENGAGED, I had an amazing birthday, our apartment in Tallinn got even more cozy and homey for me, the summer in Finland with Jay was amazing, I got to see my cute little nephew to grow, I went to Michael Buble's concert which was beyong amazing, I met Shawny, I had two hard but fun internships, I had such a sweet Christmas Eve and Day, ect.There were just sooo many small and big amazing things that happened this year that I can't enumerate them all. But I just want to say hpw greatful I am for everything I have and feel. People around me makes my life so wonderful! I have understood this year how important it is to be happy and positive. Negative energy just kills all around you and it won't make you any way feel better. So, lets all be happy, all year long, every upcoming year.
With these good thoughts I wish you all a wonderful New Years Eve and Happy New Year.
I will turn my laptop off for today and I'll write again next year!

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