Thursday, December 20, 2012

gifts that warm your heart and bones!

It's a holiday season and for those who love simple gifts and for those who get cold easily I have choosen two simple and affordable gift ideas. You can either make the gift for yourself or someone who you think would enjoy it :)

1. Warm socks for cold winter time. Christmas is perfect time to give them to someone whose toes need extra warmth! I know I need these!!!

2. Christmas themes mugs for tea, coffee or hot chocolate. At winter time we all need hot drinks. Why not to enjoy your drink from a lovely, funny or cute mug. I love mugs that are red gives even more a holiday feeling :) Look at that snowman mug, isn't that cute?
You can always put some teabags or hot chocolate stick to the mug so it makes the gift even sweeter!



Maybe the cold that's still between my bones is the reason why I needed to blog about these warm gifts :)
I am planning on posting a holiday gift guide and I'll post photos of the gifts  gifts that I gave to my friends and family this year. I will also write a blog post of the gifts that I got :)

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