Friday, December 21, 2012

21st Dec - a normal day!

After my digicamera's batteries went low yesterday I tried to charge them through USB cable, but for some reason it won't charge through it. So, it means I have no camera to use right now. I do have my cellphone so I have been taking some photos with it, but the quality is not the same. Plus, I don't have my cellphone cable with me and it means I am not able to post any photos to my blog until I go back to Estonia (which is already tomorrow night!)!!!
Anyway, today is 21st December - the end of Maias calender and there was said that it's the end of the world (different predictions: Sun is going to explode, no electricity, ect). But it's almost 10pm already and nothing has changed so far. To be honest, I was a bit worried. I usually don't believe these kind of predictions, but this time even very reliable sorces were writing about it, scientists were talking about it and so on. Media was full of news of the end of the world. I tried not to pay attention to it and not think about it, but the more the day came closer people around me asked what I am going to do that day, if I am alone, do I have candles ect. Crazy how naive people are. And I admit I was probably one of them. Jay said I am stupid to believe it and he promised that nothing is going to happen. He kept his promise :) But yeah, I am so glad this day is almost over!!! If the end ever comes I choose not to know when it's going to happen!
I went to Helsinki with my dad today because he needed to buy a ship ticket for tomorrow morning. He's going back to Estonia. So, I decided to go with him since Jay was at work and I had no other plans anyway. We also went to the big electronics shop just next to the harbor. There were sooo many good stuff. I will ask Jay if we have time to go there on 27th Dec when we come back to Finland because I saw there so many laptop bags and I am currently looking for one. But my laptop is pretty big and so far I haven't found a nice laptop bag with a reasonable price that will actually suit my laptop. But at that shop the choice was pretty big, so I wanna go there with Jay so he would help me choose a good one :)
I spent some more time with dad when we came back to Hyvinkää. Then I went to Jay's place, cleaned a bit, made him dinner and since I had dinner with dad I didn't want to eat anything heavy anymore. I had three-kiwi-salad instead :) Yum!

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