Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas joy

It's all about Christmas! So, where do I begin? Jay and I opened out presents on 24th Dec night, just after midnight! I was so excited to open my gifts and to discover what was hidden in these giftbags. I got amazingly cute and thoughful presents from Jay! Quick overview: Joik candle, a book "Christmas at cupcake cafe", The Body Shop showergel, leggings, pajama, dressing gown, three bras. 

 Jay also opened his present. He got a Black ops II computer game, a T-shirt and a perfume. You can see him showing off his Christmas presents!

 On 24th December we went to Kohila to my parent's place. The first photo I took was next to the fire place :) It was so warm there!!!!

 Then we had a very delicious and lovely Christmas dinner. We talked, we laughed, took a lot of photos and enjoyed the Christmas that was in the air :)

 As I mentioned we took pretty many photos. Here is one where I pose with my older and younger sister!

My parents and sisters!
 All the guests on our Christmas party. One big family. I was taking the photo, so you don't find me on the photo.
 Me and my life! So so happy together!

I cannot believe that Christmas 2012 is over. On 25th Dec Jay and I went to visit his grandmother and today, on 26th, we went to visit my greatgrandmother and my grandfather and his wife. It was very lovely there. I must say that I have been eating sooo much Christmas food, that I am happy that I don't have to eat it till next year! 
Anyway, Jay went to visit his mom and he should be home any minute. We are going to watch some episodes of The Walking Dead. We wacthed the first episode together last night and decided to watch the all the episodes it'll be a fun marathon of The Walking Dead! We are off to Finland tomorrow :) 

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