Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Donuts & luck

Here in Finland are so many delicious bakery goods. Such as little meat pies, Berliners and donuts. After Jay's work today we went to the city center to the mall. We ended up buying tortilla chips, salsa souce and different pies.

It's a movie night with tortilla chips and salsa!
Two different kind of donuts! Yummie!
I just have to mention how lucky I am this holiday season. First of all, lucky because I can share the holidays with the ones I love. Secondy, I have won three times on facebook in a week. For you who don't know, Estonian facebook sites like to make ad for their company's by doing giveaways. If there are anything good I mostly take part of them. I have won couple of times. Once I won two tickets to the fashion show, a pair of summer shoes, two sandwishes and maybe something more, cannot remember. And now I have one three more gifts, but I will blog about these when I have actually got them so I can also post photos of the gifts :) These are small things, but somehow they melt my heart and they make me happy :) It's nice to win and to get noticed :)

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