Thursday, December 6, 2012

waiting... day 6

People close to me know how much I adore chocolate. I am chocholic. I have been trying to eat it less because too much chocolate ain't do any good! But what I find weird is that I don't like chocolate drinks, such as cacao or even hot chocolate. I thought I liked hot chocolate, but i realized it don't, not so much at least. The one that I actually like is from uni cafe - hot chocolate with peppermint. It's very rich and very delicious. But also very sweet and I can't drink it too much. But any other hot chocolate isn't for me. I am a tea girl if we are talking about hot drinks. I like marshmellows a lot, but too bad you can't put them into your tea. Lol. 
Anyway, I have been loving December because I can open an advent calendar every morning, take something out of my stocking AND watch volgmases on youtube. My fav ones are by Ingrid (gridmonster), Luke (Lukeconrad), Fleur (FleurDeVlog), Bethany (BethanysLife) and last but not least Elle (EllesGlitterGossip). It's so fun to watch how other peoples life is going and how they are prepearing for Christmas :)

I am soooo tired! I am looking forward to next Wednesday because Jay comes home and then I have only two more days till my internship ends! And I cannot wait!!!!!!!! I need to rest and relax. This weekend I gotta go to uni on Saturday and take an exam :S I will go to my parents' place on Saturday evening after uni and on Sunday we're going t my sister's place to celebrate my little nephew's 1st birthday.

By the way, I have eaten almost all ginger cookies already. But it's okay because Jay told me they got a gift from his work...lots of cool cooking stuff, including 5 kg of ginger cookie dough !!! Amazing! So yea, I will be definitely making more ginger cookies ;)

Another thing. Once Jay took me to this sushi place to have a nice sushi for dinner. Since I had never eaten it I didn't know how it tastes or anything, but I was excited to try it out. But what a disappointment - i didn't like the taste of it at all :( After that we haven't been out for sushi together coz I don't like it. But for some weird reason I have been thinking of sushi lately. What to think of it? Maybe I am ready to give it another chance? When Jay comes home we might go to a sushi place and see how I like it now. I will just take something with baked fish ( I don't like raw!). Well, these are my thoughts. 

The weather is so nice outside. It's snowy and cold, but pretty. Now when I have a warm and cozy winter hat I don't have to worry about getting cold! Oh, that reminds me, I found these super cute, soft and cozy socks from Lindex that I think are absolutely perfect for winter! 

I want this glitterly red nail polish! 

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