Tuesday, December 18, 2012

how toys are made in China

The other day I came across with news of how toys are made in China. A photographer named Michael Wolf made a show of the photos he took while visiting toy factories in China. These photos were so sad, so realistic and yet so bizarre. You buy your child a gift that may be made by the child the same old as your own. It's crazy how young workhands they use in China. And of course they get paid so little and working environment is horrible. The working hours are very long, so they sleep under their work table for few hours and keep working. You know what's the saddest? People throw away tons and tons of toys each year. The same toys these chinese have made without sleeping, without eating, in bad working envirionment for so little money..and all that for nothing. Children from U.S.A and Europe countries have no idea where their toys are come from and how they are made. I am not saying they should see that horrible picture of real life, but they should be taught how to appreciate their toys and how to take care of them so they don't break. I totally believe that children don't need as many toys as they are given each year - especially for Christmas. There are much more meaningful gifts that you could give to your child. I am not saying that child should grow up without toys, but there's a limit. I definitely think a child doesn't need 100 toys!!! Of course these are just my thoughts, but I felt I needed to share these. It's a peaceful and joyful holiday season. Gifts are given, but more importantly it's time to spend time with your family, the ones you love!
I found that article and I am copying here few photos that were taken at China's toy factories...

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  1. The reality is really cruel. The toys that children throw away at will are the result of the hard work of Chinese workers. In any case, it is important to teach children to learn to cherish everything.