Sunday, December 23, 2012

Home for Christmas

When we were going to the harbor in Helsinki yesterday then we had quite a bit time and we decided to go to that elecronics shop next to harbor. I bought a new laptop case and a laptop bag and Jay found himself a laptop case also :) It's great because now I can travel with my laptop without damaging it! 
It's 23rd of Decmber today. Jay and I arrived home yesterday around 9pm. Before heading home we went to the foodshop to buy some food. Jay also wanted some cheese burgers from McDonald's and I wanted a tunafish wrap from Deli Express. I love their wraps and sandwishes! Whenever I am hungry while I am out and I want something quick and delicious, I buy a tunafish wrap :) Can't get enough of it!
It feels so good to be at home. It's Christmas Eve tomorrow. Wow! It's my last day to take a chocolate from my advent calender and there's only one item on my stocking left. Today I got a Daim chocolate. 
I charged my camera's batteries last night so today I got to put photos to my laptop and took some more. I will take some photos of the Christmas decorations today later when it's a bit darker, so the lights will look prettier. And I also plan to make a delicious dinner today. I just want to be at home :) I'm so excited for tomorrow. We'll open presents in the morning before we leave to my parent's place. I can't wait till Jay opens his present tomorrow :) I hope he likes what he gets!
I think Jay and I will head out for lunch soon. I am craving for soup. Jay doesn't like soup so I don't make it at home very often because it's hard to make a soup just for one serving :P But yeah, I want hot and delicious soup today!

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