Sunday, December 23, 2012

Christmas is in the air!

Jay and I went out today for lunch and shoppin for last minute Christmas presents. Well, he wanted to buy me something and I have no idea what he bought. It'sa surprise. We decided to open the Christmas present tonight at midnight! So few more hours of waiting and then I can open my presents :) Yay!
I took some photos of our Christmas decorations around the apartment. 
Presents under our Christmas tree!

Little star on our kitchen window!

Our two Christmas stockings. You can see Jay from the mirror!

Christmas feeling in our bedroom!

I also made delicious healthy dinner tonight. I made chicken and salad of tomatoes and different salad leaves. Plus Ceasar salad dressing. Of course Jay does not like that much green stuff for dinner. For him I made rice and chicken sauce and I served that with a bit of salad (I want him to eat something healthy too!). 
My dinner :)

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