Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Gossip Girl final episode

I just watched Gossip Girl final episode. I cannot believe this show is really over. I remember I was a teenager when my older sister ordered one magazine that also was publicing Gossip Girl books in Estonian. So, my sister was reading these books and I never really knew about it. But once I was at bookshop and I just randomly bought the 4th book of Gossip Girl. I liked it, but I didn't read any other parts that came out. Years went by and I came across with a new tv show that was just airing in U.S.A. So, I decided to watch the first episode. The second I started watching it it seemed familiar. Then I realized it's about the book I once read. I loved that show even more than a book. So, I started watching the show every week when it aired in U.S.A. None of my friends even knew about this show. It took years before it finally aired in Estonia. But I was a true Gossip Girl fan from the very beginning. The very first episode aired in 2007 autumn. So, I have been watching it for 6 years and it feels something so close to my heart that I don't want to live without. It's just so normal to me to watch it every Tuesday evening. It's became apart of my life rutine. And it feels weird that it's over now. Yeah, Gossip Girl is over. The final episode of Gossip Girl aired last night in U.S.A. I finished watching it just a bit time ago. I am overwhelmed with emotions and feelings. This episode was amazing and it made me realize that all these characters from the show felt like a family to me. I know it sounds stupid, but I knew them so well and even tho they all had their faults they were still them... the show couldn't have been the same without them. I have got soooo much inspiration from Gossip Girl over the years.
In the end of the final episode there's a time laps - 5 years later. It made me realize how they have all grown up, gotten married, had children and moved on with their life (they began as teenagers in the show). So, I realized I have grown up with them. I have a fiance, I am in university, soon graduating. I have new dreams. I have a happy life and I can't ask for anything better.
Gossip Girl made me think of these thoughts. I am glad I stayed loyal to that show with all it's changes in all these years. For me it was always the same old Gossip Girl. I hope one day they decide to make more episodes of Gossip Girl...maybe a new generation. I will watch it for sure!!!

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