Friday, July 11, 2014

What's up?

When I got back from Turkey I was so excited to just be at home! Home is the best place ever! And I have really been enjoying doing whatever and just being at home! So what have I done?
I have gone by the lake to swim with dad and Jay few times. The next day after I came back from  Turkey I went swimming with dad and o'boy the lake water was so cold. But I got used to it ;) Oh how much I love swimming!!!

I also have been walking every day..or night to be more accurate. Jay has had evening shift at work which means he finishes his work at 11pm. I have walked to his work every night and then we walk back home together. It's a nice reason to go out and walk.. They whole journey takes about an hour :)
And seems like walking isn't enough exercise for me, I went to zumba yesterday. I was thinking how I should do some exercise but I have been too lazy to go out for a run. And since I have summer holidays and plenty of time I decided to go to zumba class. It was so cool :)I love dancing :D I am planning on going next week again. 
Few days ago I went to Helsinki to meet my friend. We had a nice lunch at Greek cafe and later we just had ice-cream and went to the kindergarten for a minute. I finally had time to go over there and got some of the gifts that kids had left me there. How cute :)
My blog post wouldn't be real if it didn't have food included. I have been loving halvaa that I bought from Turkey. Other than that I have been trying to avoid sweets. I came across of two recipes I wanted to made and today was the day I made them: 1) granola and 2) chia seeds pudding. The granola came out so good! I can't wait to have it for breakfast with greek yogurt tomorrow. The pudding must stay in the fridge overnight. I hope it turns out as nice as it seemed in the recipe :) I might even do blogposts of both of these recipes!

Next Wednesday we are going to Estonia to have a little 4-days vacation. We are going to rent a car so we could move around easily. We already booked an hotel in Pärnu because that's where we want to go. PÄRNU! We wanted to go to Pärnu beach last time we were in Estonia, but weather was not good at all (most days it was raining:S), but this time the weather sould be nice! I am sure we are going to enjoy our stay there. I am actually so happy we are going to Estonia because it'll be my last vacation this summer before my work starts again. When we come back to Finland I still have a week and an half before my work starts, but I will just be home..hunging out with my sister (who is coming over), going swimming, reading books ect. 

Talking about books. I have read quite many books this summer. I like writing book reviews, but since I have read quite many I feel like it would take me so much time. So, instead I will probably just mention all of these books soon in a post :) I already ordered 4 new books that should arrive next week! Something else should arrive next week too, but I will write about it when it's actually here! I am excited :D

Oh, I almost forgot. I went to the movies today. Since I knew Jay wouldn't want to see that movie, I went to the movies alone when Jay was at work. I went to see "The Fault in Our Stars". I have read the book so I was sure courious to see the movie. I must say I wasn't very touched... most people in the cinema were really crying with voice and everything. For some reason that made me laugh :O But I tried to control myself. I find the book much better than the movie.. like it is with most of the books/movies I guess. I think the book was more emotional. 

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