Saturday, August 23, 2014

Wishing for home..

Wishing for home..
1. UrbanOutfitters Plum Bow ruffle duvet (grey) -
We currently have dark pink duvet and I really want a new one..something neutral. I know ruffles are a bit too girly too, but at the same time color gray is manly too, so it would fit perfectly to our bedroom.

2. Bed, Bath and Beyond bathroom rug - 
our old one is just so old and worn and it'sreally hard to clean it. I'd like something neutral, with a little bit of color..

3. J-crew hand soap that is natural honey lemon soap - 
we keep buying these cheap soaps that are probably full of weird ingredients. 

4. Pasta plates - 
I recently bought new dinner and dessert plates, but I am still looking for good pasta plates. I like Danish design, something simple! These should be either white or gray.

5. H&M Home round glass vase - 
I love glass vases! I'd love to put there one of my fav flowers - peonies. 

6. Magnet board - 
sometimes I wish I had a board where I could put little notes, reminders, inspirations and motivations, cut outs from magazines ect. Magnet board would be perfect :)

7. Bath and Body Works 3-wick candle
I love B&B Works candles, especially 3-wick ones. I'd like to have a candle named "Leaves". These candles can really make your whole apartment smell so good :) I like candles especially in autumn (feels like autumn is here already!) and in winter!

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