Saturday, August 9, 2014

What's in my snack pantry??

I love snacks. Usually after dinner I feel like I need something to snack while I watch tv or surf on the Internet. I thought it would fun to share what's in my snack pantry.
Sneak peak!

Alesto roasted and salted pistachios
I love snacking them whenever I want something salty! :) I can get through one bag so quickly :/
 Pretzels -
another salty snack I love. I try not to eat them too much since they are made of flour. One pack usually lasts pretty long for me. I don't eat them every day. Just whenever I want them :)
Organic strawberry flavored corn puffs -
(usually I have unflavored that are my fav!) these are good alternitive for chips and popcorn when you watch a movie ;) 
 Organic muesli -
I eat muesli almost every day for breakfast. I like this organic one because it has only good ingerdients and no sugar (only organic huney and vanilla). 
 Elovena cookie snacks -
these are oatmeal cookies that are perfect for sweet snacking. I like to keep one cookie in my hangbag and whenever I feel hungry when I am outside (usually when I come from work) I can have one :) Each package has 10 cookies inside that are all wrapped in a paper. They have different flavors, but my favorite so far is with dark chocolate pieces!
 Alesto Mixed Nuts - 
I love different nuts. So, whenever I am craving for them I reach for this bag! I use these nuts and raisins also when I make homemade granola.
 Chia seeds -
I use chia seeds in my smoothie or when I have muesli and greek yogurt for breakfast I sometimes add chia seeds as well. Chia seeds are so good for your digestion and they have so good nutrient values!!!
 Crownfield Muesli bars - 
I love these muesli bars because they don't contain any added sugars. My favorite flavore is cranberry-cherry one. It's not too sweet and I love cherry flavor in anything :D
 Alpen muesli bars - 
I bought these yesterday and so far I have had only one. I found it a bit too sweet, but I guess it's good for these times when I actually want something very sweet :) I like to take muesli bars to the work with me, so I can have one bar when kids are having their snack (I work in kindergarten:P).
 Super Nuts Banana chips -
One of my favorite alternitives for sweets (candies, chocolate ect). I love this brand because they don't add any sugar or other sweetening flavor to their banana chips. The only ingredients are bananas and oil. Most of others brands add sugar, honey, coconut flavor ect.. Why?! Bananas are sweet enough themselves!!! 
One package is pretty big and it lasts for quite a long time (as you can see I have only few pieces left..) But I must warn: it's easy to get addicted to these and not notice how much you eat them. They do have quite a lot of oil in them, so you shouldn't eat them too much in one sitting. 
 Crispbread - 
this is something that I like to have sometimes when I get home from work and before I start making dinner. I am so hungry and need something that keeps me going till dinner is ready. I love to but a bit of good butter on top of it. Sometimes I have crispbread for latenight snack as well :P
 Panealba croutons - 
I like to add croutons to my salad. This brand makes croutons in many flavor, but my favorite is just regular oliveoil and salt one. 
 Wellaby's Lentil Chips with sea salt - 
I bought these from Estonia about 3 weeks ago. I had never had those and they seemed interesting. I have been eating these with homemade quacamole. I have still half a package left. I might make some quacamole soon again and finish this package :D I like that these are gluten free!
 Peanut butter -
I have a really random peanut butter right now. I like to put it on my bread with some banana slices. I also like to use that when I make homemade granola. Sometimes I add it to my smoothies or porridges as well!
 McVitie's Digestive cookies-
To be honest this is not my favorite brand for digestive cookies. But I bought 3 packages of these to get that cookie jar for free. So, of course I am eating the cookies. Altough mostly I like to use these cookies for cooking.
 Granola -
I like to have different mueslis (granolas) at home. I like the very regular one that has nuts and raisins and oats and NO sugar. I always have a granola that is sweet as well. That one I usually make myself so I know that it has only healthy sweets (raw honey, maple syrup ect) in it. I am weird and keep them in plastic bags because I usually have them so much and I can't fit them anywhever else. But as you can see I am running low on these..

That's all I have in my snack pantry. It's not that I eat all these snacks every day. Trust me, these could be a week when I don't eat any of these. I just like to have some snacks at home so whenever I need to snack I have some option. These are definitely not the most healthiest snacks, but also not so bad either. Some of these "snacks" I use in my smoothies, or in my breakfast, or for cooking. Surely I have another pantry when I keep all the dry ingredients for cooking, such as flour, sugar, oats ect. But that's quite boring I think.
I hope my snacks gave you some ideas of what you might snack on next time :D

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