Tuesday, September 8, 2009

internet slang?!

Okay. Here's a quick&short blog.
In the net i have recently noticed a lot such words as:
First i thought that rant is a slang-shorten of random. But now im not so sure..
And vent. Hm. I understand the meaning of if,but i still can't find the real MEANING for it.. WHOAA! I just googled and what i found. Well, i got the explanation for the urban slang word "vent":

Term meaning to let of steam. Have shout, complain or whatever.

That's nice. BUT check this site out and u'll see what other meanings "vent" has.


I searched on the same site and tired to find the meaning of rant too. There are lots of different meanings.. but how do i know which one of them is the one ppl(mostly americans) use on the net?.

One's pretty sure, it doesnt mean "random".It proves im wrong again. Lol.

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